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GP EZ Mobile App & Zoom Training
Online: Thurs., June 18th @ 11:00 AM EDT Register HERE

In-House: Tues., July 14th @ Noon EDT

When you register, indicate which program you plan to attend.

Instructor: Michael Huffman, MBA, GPA's National Sales Director
Despite the current climate, better days are ahead...
Are Your Clients Prepared for Retirement?

In 2010, the National Association for Fixed Annuities (NAFA) designated June as National Annuity Awareness Month (NAAM) to help educate Americans on the important role of annuities as part of a secure retirement savings plan.

Americans are living longer and guaranteed income sources are key to meeting the expenses associated with this longevity.

Pension Plans - Many pre-retirees with poorly funded 401(k)s wish they had a traditional pension. Few workers still have access to a retirement plan that will provide lifetime, guaranteed payments.

Social Security - Many retirees receive the largest portion of their guaranteed income from Social Security. If they can hold off until age 70, they can increase their benefits by 25% or more by accumulating delayed retirement credits.

Annuities - Unless your client has enough guaranteed pension and Social Security benefits to cover all their basic expenses, they most likely will need to supplement their retirement income with savings.

See current Annuity Rates at the bottom of this email.
Their Ultra-Premier Single Premium Deferred Annuity gives your clients comfort knowing that w ithdrawal charges and market value adjustments will be waived
for the following events:
  • Confinement to a hospital or nursing home
  • Disability
  • Terminal Illness
  • Unemployment
  • Residence Damage
  • Organ transplant
  • Death of spouse or minor dependent
Please refer to the policy for complete

Free CE
Through Nationwide Insurance!
(1 CE per course)
Please note these courses have been offered previously, so make sure you don't duplicate
-- compare course numbers.

Click HERE for courses and registration.

To Receive CE Credit:

• Pre-register at least 24-hours prior using your license and national producer number (same number in NC)

• Log in at least 10 minutes prior to the start time as late arrivals cannot receive credit

• Actively attend the entire event for the full hour; there will be polling questions 

NOTE: CE credit is approved for all states unless otherwise noted. The list of provider numbers and course numbers on the registration form pertains to those states that may require documentation for credit.

Reminder: Nationwide CareMatters ® II max issue age raised to 70

On May 11, 2020, Nationwide raised the maximum issue age to 70 for CareMatters II policies that elect the Minimum Refund of Premium with Maximum Long-Term Care Benefit option for single-pay, five-pay and ten-pay schedules.

Exclusive Webinar with PGA Champion: Paul Azinger
As a PGA Legend, Paul will share his insights, predictions, and behind-the-scenes stories as we start the countdown to the PGA Championship.

Thurs., June 18: 8 a.m. Pacific / 10 a.m. Central / 11 a.m. Eastern
Click the link below to register and reserve your spot.

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If you missed our Sagicor webinar on last week on its products and accelerated underwriting program, click HERE for the PowerPoint presentation.

Sagicor's upcoming webinar:
How to Sell Fixed Indexed Annuities During Market Turbulence
Date: Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Time: 12:00 p.m., EDT    I    9:00 a.m., PDT
REGISTER (Please replace name & email info with yours)
One of the biggest challenges of clients who are in or near retirement is market volatility. It could quickly erode assets intended for income and raise concerns about retirement security. 
John Hancock-GPA Webinar:
Life insurance designed for people living with diabetes
Tues., June 30 th at 11:00 am EDT

John Hancock’s Aspire program is for people living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes:
  • It combines long-term financial protection with a personalized diabetes support program
  • It rewards insureds for taking steps to manage their condition, unlocking all the rewards and benefits of its Vitality program
  • Provides the ability to save up to 25% on premiums

Untapped market opportunity: John Hancock has the underwriting, product and medical expertise that’s needed to offer your clients the most competitive rates and help you expand into this market with a solution that offers your clients tremendous value .

Register HERE (Indicate JH Webinar)
Sales Aids
Life changes — are your clients’ life insurance policies keeping up?
Are your clients taking a “file and forget” approach to their life insurance policy? You can help them by scheduling regular policy reviews, an essential step to ensuring that their coverage is keeping up with their needs and expectations — even when they haven’t experienced one of the major life events that frequently prompt a review, such as getting married, having children, planning to retire, etc.

To guide this process, take advantage of John Hancock’s policy review kit. It’s designed to help you reach out to your clients and cover all factors that are essential to determining that the right coverage and policy are in place.

Legal & General also has a nice policy check-up sheet. Policy Check-Up

35- & 40-Year Term Plans

L&G pioneered the 35-& 40-year term plans. Their competitive OPTerm product series is available in term periods of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years! 

Note: Protective Life recently added 35- & 40-year term periods to Protective ®  Classic Choice Term.
Estate Planning for High-Net-Worth Clients

Why focus on these clients now?
• Changing tax environment
• Current low interest rates and market volatility
• Upcoming elections
• The SECURE Act

The Cincinnati Life Insurance Company
Voluntary Payroll Deduction Insurance

Voluntary benefits allow you to bring the advantage of professional insurance services to employees through the workplace. A completely voluntary program also can be exempt from the requirements of The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Employees can purchase the coverage for themselves, their spouses, children and grandchildren. Employees pay premiums through the convenience of payroll deduction.

Protecting Farmers and Their Families
DI Is Important for Farmers and Ranchers

Even if farm depreciation and expenses result in little or no reportable income for federal income tax purposes, farmers are usually eligible for individual and business expense disability income insurance (DI). To make getting DI coverage easy, Illinois Mutual allows agents to use acreage or herd size to determine the monthly benefit amount available when income cannot be verified by tax returns.
What is XRAE?

XRAE is a software program that evaluates over 100,000 specific underwriting rules based on over 600 potential questions in less than a second to determine the “best case” underwriting classification at each XRAE Partner Carrier.
Assessing Your Client's Health Class

Running a quote, but not sure of the client’s health class? For general impairments, you can get a good assessment using a couple of XRAE-based tools on our website.

XRAE Tools

  • Click on LifePipe Quick Quote: Click Run a Quote. Once on the form, go to Underwriting Information/Enter Health Profile. You’ll get a list of prospective carriers and their preliminary health class rating.
  • Click on WinFlex Illustrations: Click Run a Quote > Click Start a New Case > Click Get Underwriting on bottom left of window, and fill out the form. You will get a list of carriers and their health class ratings as well as their underwriting guidelines.

If your client has a rare or numerous impairments, call us for assistance. Our sales team not only has full XRAE capabilities, but direct access to our carriers’ underwriting departments.
Postponements Due to Foreign Travel
We are experiencing several life insurance app postponements due to planned foreign travel. Note: Florida and Georgia have legislation that does not allow for life insurance companies to take any adverse action based on lawful foreign travel.

There are still several options out there, such as Nationwide, Prudential, and Securian to name a few.
How Businesses Can Reopen Offices and Return to Worksites in 3 Careful Stages

Spring 2020 could be called the Great Emptying as offices and other workplaces went dark during the pandemic’s initial wave. A majority of employed Americans have been working from home—62% according to a recent Gallup survey , a figure that doubled from mid-March to early April. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
Assess Your Retirement Readiness

Quickly estimate clients' future income with the Assured Edge Income Achiever ® Calculator. Simply answer WHO, WHEN and HOW much to estimate. The calculator will produce a printable report clients can keep for reference.

Life Insurance As an Asset
 In these times of unprecedented uncertainty, your clients might see they can’t rely on constant stability in their plans for their families or wealth transfer. Equitable offers strategies that can address these concerns.

Illinois Mutual Client Videos
Path Protector Plus ® Whole Life offers five different plan options to meet the needs of people across the financial spectrum – no matter their life stage and planning objectives!

To help you educate your clients about these plans, they have created three short videos that showcase some of their differentiating characteristics: continuous pay, limited pay and single pay whole life plans.

What Happened to Traditional LTC?
Linked-benefit products seem to be all the rage nowadays — why the shift from traditional?
Website Tools for Business
Federal stimulus for business continues to evolve , and so does Principal's resources designed to help business owners. Visit Principal's website devoted to helping business owners with cash flow, federal financial assistance and other business issues associated with the pandemic.
Automated Underwriting Instant Decision Solution
The application process for their Term Life Express and Living Promise Whole Life Insurance products is simple – no medical exam and only a few health questions. AND, their instant decision solution provides you with an underwriting decision in minutes, if not seconds, while you are completing the application with your client.

New to their e-Applications? See their producer training videos below. You can select just the chapters that you need assistance on, or if you are new, watch the video from start to finish for a full e-App training.

Note : For the time being, DO NOT submit applications using Safari on Apple devices. MOO is currently working with iPipeline to fix security issues caused by the recent Apple iOS and MacOS update. They suggest that you use the current version of Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft's Edge.

Life + DI = 10% Discount
Pair income protection with life insurance and save your clients 10% on their DI premiums (varies by state). Selling life and DI together is a great way to protect their lives and livelihoods – both cornerstones of financial planning.
Human API: Helping Clients Share Medical Records Instantly

Human API expedites medical record retrieval in life insurance underwriting in a secure web environment — through Human API’s consumer-controlled platform. Human API is a technology leader, specializing in the consolidation and delivery of health data. 
Many carriers are using this service.

Principal ® is working with Human API to make it easier to sell life insurance policies and speed up the application process by helping clients share their medical records electronically during the underwriting process. Click HERE to view Human API video.

Sagicor offers this client flyer to s how your clients the 5 simple steps to accelerate the process of getting life insurance. Client HERE for client flyer.

Cincinnati Life also utilizes Human API and shared this video on the process, click HERE.
Nationwide’s Work-From-Home Cybersecurity Tips
One of the challenges of working at home during the COVID-19 pandemic is increased cybersecurity threats. Nationwide's Threat Intelligence Advisory team created this guide to share insights about the risks and tips on how to avoid them: Cybersecurity Guide.
SOCIAL MEDIA Over 100 Posts!
Great time to "up" your social presence. We will be continuously compiling a library of posts that you can access through our website: Producer Portal > Sales / Marketing. Click on green Social Media button.

Smart solution for this climate
Accelerated Underwriting!
Click HERE for our list of carriers that offer Accelerated Underwriting. It’s a general outline and is continuously changing, usually for the better. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office (800) 283-8376. This document will be continuously updated and can be found on our website: Producer Portal > Forms> GPA Resources.
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