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GP EZ Mobile App & Zoom Training (in-house)
Thurs., July 23rd @ Noon EDT
Lunch will be provided. Masks are required (one can be provided if you need one). Limit of 12 attendees. Note: If interest exceeds available space, we will add another class.

We did have an online version of this class, but there were some technical issues, so we plan to record this session.

Instructor: Michael Huffman, MBA, GPA's National Sales Director
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Sales Aids
As marijuana use becomes legal in more states, carriers have continued to update their guidelines concerning clients who use marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. If you have a client who uses marijuana, you may wonder, “Can my client obtain life insurance coverage?” The answer is Yes! However, the rate classification can depend on several factors.

Did you know that New York Life can underwrite a 1-day-old infant?

New York Life can underwrite a newborn as long as the birth is not premature and there are no other complications. This is beneficial for producers that want to market a bundle policy to both parents and children.
AIG Conversation Starters

When it comes to communication, the ‘how’ is just as important as the ‘what’. Each generation has its own communication preferences and learning the differences can make for more meaningful conversations.

Not sure where to begin? AIG has conversation starters tailored to each generation to help!
Tips & Tricks
Use your client’s legal name to avoid delays.
Because Sagicor issues life insurance policies and annuity contracts in the legal name of the owner, remember to use your client’s legal name on the application. Simple steps to help you and your client avoid processing delays:
For electronic applications — Ask your client for their legal name as it appears on their driver’s license, and enter that name as owner on the application.
For paper applications — View the driver’s license of the proposed owner, and enter the name on the application as it appears on the license.

Summer's Sizzling $250 Sales Incentive
Now, through September 30, 2020, Sagicor is paying writing agents a $250 bonus
for every eApplication submitted for the following annuities:
A better option for your clients’ wealth transfer
Single Premium Whole Life Insurance.

Before you look at an annuity or CD, consider what Single Premium Whole Life has to offer.

Social Media Posts
Cincinnati Life is getting ahead of the curve for September's Life Awareness month. They have been working closely with Life Happens. Life Happens ( a nonprofit formally known as LIFE Foundation) was formed in 1994 by several leading insurance producer organizations.

Life Happens has developed an extensive library of social media content that can be shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The posts are designed to be reminders of the importance of life insurance. These posts are FREE for you to use and share on your social media to remind your clients of the importance of purchasing life insurance. Click HERE for their suggested social media calendar. Life Happens website:

Additionally, at the bottom of this email GPAgency has a library of social media posts.

Not sure how much life insurance coverage your client needs? Use Transamerica's calculator to figure out the right amount of coverage based on lifestyle, home, family, and financial situation.

They offer one of the most comprehensive long-term care riders available for your clients' needs. Now, with additional enhancements, their rider adds flexibility to certain Equitable VUL products, plus asset protection without the typical tradeoffs. Visit to learn more.
Their top three most popular flyers that you can read in two-minutes or less.

  1. See why our LTCSR is so unique
  2. Top 8 reasons to choose the LTCSR with VUL
  3. LTCSR Marketing Roadmap

This version of the LTCSR is not yet available in CA, FL or NY.
Life changes are your clients’ life insurance policies keeping up?
Are your clients taking a “file and forget” approach to their life insurance policy? You can help them by scheduling regular policy reviews, an essential step to ensuring that their coverage is keeping up with their needs and expectations — even when they haven’t experienced one of the major life events that frequently prompt a review, such as getting married, having children, planning to retire, etc.

To guide this process, take advantage of John Hancock’s policy review kit. It’s designed to help you reach out to your clients and cover all factors that are essential to determining that the right coverage and policy are in place.

Estate Planning for High-Net-Worth Clients

Why focus on these clients now?
• Changing tax environment
• Current low interest rates and market volatility
• Upcoming elections
• The SECURE Act

What is XRAE?

XRAE is a software program that evaluates over 100,000 specific underwriting rules based on over 600 potential questions in less than a second to determine the “best case” underwriting classification at each XRAE Partner Carrier.
Assessing Your Client's Health Class

Running a quote, but not sure of the client’s health class? For general impairments, you can get a good assessment using a couple of XRAE-based tools on our website.

XRAE Tools

  • Click on LifePipe Quick Quote: Click Run a Quote. Once on the form, go to Underwriting Information/Enter Health Profile. You’ll get a list of prospective carriers and their preliminary health class rating.
  • Click on WinFlex Illustrations: Click Run a Quote > Click Start a New Case > Click Get Underwriting on bottom left of window, and fill out the form. You will get a list of carriers and their health class ratings as well as their underwriting guidelines.

If your client has a rare or numerous impairments, call us for assistance. Our sales team not only has full XRAE capabilities, but direct access to our carriers’ underwriting departments.
Postponements Due to Foreign Travel
We are experiencing several life insurance app postponements due to planned foreign travel. Note: Florida and Georgia have legislation that does not allow for life insurance companies to take any adverse action based on lawful foreign travel.

There are still several options out there, such as Nationwide, Prudential, and Securian to name a few.
How Businesses Can Reopen Offices and Return to Worksites in 3 Careful Stages

Spring 2020 could be called the Great Emptying as offices and other workplaces went dark during the pandemic’s initial wave. A majority of employed Americans have been working from home—62% according to a recent Gallup survey , a figure that doubled from mid-March to early April. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
Assess Your Retirement Readiness

Quickly estimate clients' future income with the Assured Edge Income Achiever ® Calculator. Simply answer WHO, WHEN and HOW much to estimate. The calculator will produce a printable report clients can keep for reference.

Illinois Mutual Client Videos
Path Protector Plus ® Whole Life offers five different plan options to meet the needs of people across the financial spectrum – no matter their life stage and planning objectives!

To help you educate your clients about these plans, they have created three short videos that showcase some of their differentiating characteristics: continuous pay, limited pay and single pay whole life plans.

Website Tools for Business
Federal stimulus for business continues to evolve , and so does Principal's resources designed to help business owners. Visit Principal's website devoted to helping business owners with cash flow, federal financial assistance and other business issues associated with the pandemic.
Human API: Helping Clients Share Medical Records Instantly

Human API expedites medical record retrieval in life insurance underwriting in a secure web environment — through Human API’s consumer-controlled platform. Human API is a technology leader, specializing in the consolidation and delivery of health data. 
Many carriers are using this service.

Principal ® is working with Human API to make it easier to sell life insurance policies and speed up the application process by helping clients share their medical records electronically during the underwriting process. Click HERE to view Human API video.

Sagicor offers this client flyer to s how your clients the 5 simple steps to accelerate the process of getting life insurance. Client HERE for client flyer.

Cincinnati Life also utilizes Human API and shared this video on the process, click HERE.
Nationwide’s Work-From-Home Cybersecurity Tips
One of the challenges of working at home during the COVID-19 pandemic is increased cybersecurity threats. Nationwide's Threat Intelligence Advisory team created this guide to share insights about the risks and tips on how to avoid them: Cybersecurity Guide.
SOCIAL MEDIA Over 100 Posts!
Great time to "up" your social presence. We will be continuously compiling a library of posts that you can access through our website: Producer Portal > Sales / Marketing. Click on green Social Media button.

Smart solution for this climate
Accelerated Underwriting!
Click HERE for our list of carriers that offer Accelerated Underwriting. It’s a general outline and is continuously changing, usually for the better. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office (800) 283-8376. This document will be continuously updated and can be found on our website: Producer Portal > Forms> GPA Resources.
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