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Our fabulous teammate, Julia Sheppard, CLTC, Senior Brokerage Manager, marked a special birthday this month. Seated to her left is our Contracting Specialist Christine Barbour.
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September is Life Awareness Month!
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GPAgency CE: Life Insurance: Intro to Perm Products

Wed., Sept. 22nd
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
2 CEs (complimentary)

Available to agents in North Carolina, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Nevada.

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Consumers have been moving digital for some time, but the past 18 months has thrust upon us the urgency to "beef up" our digital marketing strategy, if we plan to stay relevant. We're here for the long haul, we're here for you.

Many of you have come to us asking for guidance on navigating the evolving digital marketplace. We could assist to a certain degree but needed guidance as well. In response, we engaged a leading tech consultant and developer who specializes in insurance marketing technology to develop a comprehensive marketing solution for insurance agents and financial advisors such as yourself.

We are extremely excited about the launch of this new program -- just in time for the last quarter push!

We've put together a video to explain our journey and solution: a comprehensive digital marketing platform called Tymbak (pronounced "time back").

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What Is IRS Form 4506T & Why Does My Insurance Carrier, Mortgage Company or Bank Want It?

When you apply for insurance, mortgages, or business loans, your insurance carrier, banker, or mortgage lender may ask you to sign and submit a Form 4506. It is a form we get directly from the IRS which some Insurance carriers, bankers, or lenders may require you to complete as part of your application.

What is a 4506T used for?
Form 4506 T, as it is most often requested, is also called a ...

Carrier Briefs
The passage of the WA Cares Fund in Washington state has created an opportunity for people to consider obtaining long-term care coverage. Due to a significant increase in LTC business caused by this sales opportunity, several carriers are seeing unexpected delays in case processing of an additional three to four weeks nationwide for their LTC and linked benefit business:
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • National Guardian Life
  • Nationwide
  • OneAmerica
  • Securian
Additionally, some carriers have chosen to suspend sales in the state of Washington.
To provide the best possible experience for all their customers, Nationwide is temporarily suspending sales of all individual life insurance products, including Nationwide CareMatters, in Washington state until further notice (effective immediately).
Mutual of Omaha:
Sales of the Long-Term Care Rider have been suspended effective immediately in the state of Washington. They will continue to accept applications for the Income Advantage and Life Protection Advantage IUL policies that do not include the Long-Term Care Rider.
Submit all applications by September 3, 2021, to increase the likelihood of placement before November Click HERE for full details.
Legal & General:
Early September, they are implementing a new product policy form for their OPTerm products to maintain their competitive pricing and strong customer value. Applications received on or after the effective date (unknown at this time) will be issued on the new product policy form. There will be a one-time, automatic reduction in the death benefit at the end of the level period. Premium will increase for most customers. All other product features and riders will remain unchanged.
Prudential: Prudential is now requiring PruFast Track-eligible cases to be submitted via Prudential Xpress QuickForm worksheet or Drop Ticket.
There will be a transition period from 7/19 until 9/1, where they will accept paper applications for cases that meet the new PruFast Track criteria. However, Prudential will not accept orders for PRU to pay for or reimburse for exams on cases that meet the PruFast Track criteria when a paper application is submitted.
After 9/1 there will be a hard stop and they will no longer accept paper applications for the PruFast Track eligible cases. PruFast Track - New Requirement Frequently Asked Questions (assetserv.com)
Boston Mutual: They will be repricing their individual life products for policies with an issue date of January 1, 2022, or later.

The rate change is due to a decrease in the maximum statutory valuation interest rate for life insurance from 3.50% to 3.00% which, in turn, triggered a decrease in the maximum nonforfeiture interest rate from 4.50% to 3.75%. 
Equitable: Any level term or ART case with a face amount of $1M and below in which the insured is age 18-60 will be required to use the Equitable Life eApp and must submit the Medical Information Questionnaire (MIQ). Get the details.
Carrier Webinars
GPA Webinar Recap:
Looking for a New Revenue Generating Stream, While Protecting Your Clients?
If you missed our webinar earlier this month with Lincoln’s Mark Buehner, Sales VP, on how to implement Long Term Care into your practice with their MoneyGuard product, here are links to a recording of the presentation and helpful marketing pieces:

(Password: Rr8QShYD)

Marketing Pieces:
  • LTC Myth Piece – (client approved) Discusses the misconceptions around LTC in a product agnostic way
  • Asset Identifier – (client approved) Discuss their plan in a product agnostic way
  • MoneyGuard Compass - (agent/broker only) Discusses various target markets and funding strategies
Marketing Ideas

A safer alternative for clients who want to earn and protect more in today’s low-interest rate environment.

3 smart reasons for your clients to consider Sagicor’s Milestone MYGA

  • Guaranteed credited interest return: Fixed rates of interest crediting for 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, and 7-guarantee periods
  • Liquidity: 10% penalty-free withdrawals starting contract year 22
  • Rates as high as 2.75%

Use this MYGA video link in an email or add it to your social posts.
View their rates.

Start the LTC conversation and make connections with their interactive site

OneAmerica's consumer website was designed to help your existing and prospective clients envision their retirement and begin to understand the impact that a long-term care event could have on realizing that vision. It’s a great way to get them thinking about a concept that might not be top of mind for them or their families.
Pacific Life

Rule of 7 and how life insurance sellers can adopt

The Rule of 7 states that people need an average of seven interactions with a brand before they convert...particularly useful in a needs-based industry like life insurance… The four stages of the sales funnel… awareness, interest, decision, and action... “AIDA” …

Click HERE for AIG Presentation on Understanding Index Annuities.
Click HERE for AIG's interactive planning worksheet that will help your clients calculate their future income needs based on the lifestyle they want.

Single solution may be better than three

People today face a long list of challenges, and that’s particularly true for people who are at or near retirement age. The financial professionals they depend on are charged with the task of helping them address such potentialities as:
   1) Living too long
   2) Dying too soon
   3) Needing long-term care
Nationwide's versatile multi-use IUL products can help provide protection, cash value growth potential and funding for long-term care without the need to buy three separate policies.

Nationwide's Term + Perm Program
Use their streamlined process to offer additional, permanent life insurance to clients with term coverage.

Get Paid Faster...

Still Available!!

GPAgency's Advance Compensation program is for NEW Term and UL policies sold through Protective AND Legal & General.
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Competitively-Priced Term Life Insurance in Less than 9 Minutes!

10, 15, 20, 25 & 30-year term life coverage: $50K to $1.5M.

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