Gifford Park Association General Membership Meeting
Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016
Historical Society Museum
DATES TO REMEMBER  (Details about these items are in the minutes.)
Sat., Aug. 27: Historic District Volunteer Clean-up
Mon., Aug. 29, 7 pm:  House Tour Steering Committee at Historical Society Museum
Sat. & Sun., Sept. 10-1135th Annual Elgin Historic House Tour
Sat., Oct. 1: Landscaping Seminar 
Deborah Allan, John Boline, Barbara Evans, Paul & Sue Kuester, Tom Lee, Jim Leeper, Dan & Pat Miller, Warren Tejes, EPD Officer Lisandro Ramirez & Sgt. Eric Echevaria
R.O.P.E. REPORT  (Lisandro Ramirez)
This past month has been uneventful in the Elgin Historic District. However, just north of it in the 400 blocks of Freemont, Hickory & Ann Streets, there has been much gang graffiti. The EPD acts swiftly to remove it, provided that citizens call 311 to report it.

We are all reminded to be alert to the possibility of children darting out into the streets now that school is back in session.

After noting that 25 children attended the R.O.P.E. camp held at White Pine Ranch in Oregon IL this summer, Sgt. Echevaria presented GPA with a certificate of appreciation for its continued support of this event. (As in the past, this year GPA donated $300 to it.) 

As no business meeting was held at the July get-together at Danny's Pizza, the minutes unanimously approved were those of the June 16 general membership meeting.

Also approved unanimously was Pat Miller's treasurer's report of $99,895.21 ($18,517.06 in checking and $81,378.15 in four CDs).
Historic District  (Paul Bednar   847-987-7526)
The Historic District booklet, complete with a large map that includes significant sites as well as those on previous house tours, should be ready to be distributed to all homes in the district the week of Aug. 21. If you are willing to play paperboy/girl, please contact Paul.

Those willing to participate in a clean-up of the Elgin Historic District on Saturday, Aug. 27, should contact Paul. Because this is where the houses on this year's tour are located, it's important that we look our best.

At noon on Sat., Oct. 1, Paul will conduct a landscaping seminar at 18 N. Porter. In addition to giving attendees design ideas and planting tips, information on City grants and the Plaque Program will also be provided. There is no charge for this event, but if you wish to attend, please call Paul. Because lunch will be provided, he needs an accurate head count.

Kudos to Tom Lee, who called the City to ask that the 65 crooked street signs in the district be straightened. And kudos to the City for doing so.
Kudos to the City for also making repairs to the porch of the R.O.P.E. officer's home on E. Chicago St.
Housewalk  (Pat Miller   847-697-3370)
Thanks to Glenna Preradovic, 35-year signs are appearing in front of all the homes in the Historic District that have been on previous house tours. These signs are going up ahead of the walk and will remain several weeks after it.

All the work needed for a successful house tour is progressing nicely. The homes on tour are fully staffed, and four to five alternates are available for each shift. Nevertheless, if some how you've been overlooked and would like to have your name added to the alternate list, call Dan Miller at the number given for Pat.

Kudos to Paul Bednar for suggesting that we include an announcement of a house tour ticket raffle on the many cards handed out at Elgin's 4th of July parade and available elsewhere afterwards. The 10 tickets drawn were evenly split between in-town and out-of-towners. Interestingly, an Indiana resident whose name was drawn was planning to come because he'd lived at 600 E. Chicago St., one of the homes on tour.

An excellent article about the upcoming 35th-year tour appeared in the Northwest Quarterly. Click here to view it.    Jeffery Myers' interview with Bill Briska about the tour can be viewed by clicking here.

MEMBERSHIP  (Moe Lee   708-828-9706)
Although GPA gained only one member, what a member to gain! Not only did Robert Mikkelsen, who just bought 159 Hill, ask to be on this year's house tour; he also wanted to be a sponsor of it. Unfortunately, it was too late for either. But it wasn't too late for him to become a Cemetery Walk sponsor! 
Thank you to Sara Boline and Deborah Allan for providing us with tasty brownies.
The motion to adjourn one of the shortest GPA meetings in ages (45 minutes) was unanimously approved.
Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Evans, secretary

2016 Historic Elgin House Tour

Featuring 7 homes within the Elgin Historic District
Saturday, Sept 10                   Sunday, Sept 11
9:30 to 4:00                            12:30 to 4:00
Tickets: Adult, in advance $15
            Adult, days of $20
            Senior, 65 & over $10
            Youth, 12 & under $10

Registration: Elgin History Museum, 360 Park St.
Visit: for more information

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