Child Find is the process used to determine if a child needs special education services and supports. In this booklet you will find answers to the following questions: 
  • What is Child Find? 
  • How Does Child Find Get Started? 
  • What Comes Next? 
  • What is Suspicion of a Disability? 
  • When is a Student Suspected of Having a Disability?
  • What Happens Next if a Disability is Suspected?
  • What Happens Next if a Disability is NOT Suspected?
  • How Does the Full Individual Evaluation (FIE) Work? 
  • What Happens at an Eligibility Meeting?
  • What if My Child is Eligible?
  • What if My Child is Not Eligible?

As parents we make better decisions for our kids when we're provided with information that empowers and informs us. Together we can provide the best plan for the child's academic success. This is a great resource to engage parents & educators and build crucial relationships.