Contact Congress Today: Maintain Small Business Exemptions

Congress has indicated they will focus on their next COVID-19 Relief package in July, so NPMA has created a month long campaign to spotlight COVID-19 bills our industry cares about. Each week we will be asking you to participate in a voter voice on a specific bill to raise awareness on Capitol Hill. NPMA will also be tweeting and sending a letter from Dominque Stumpf, NPMA’s CEO, to Congress outlining our concerns.

We have a window to make a difference and we need your help.

This week’s campaign focuses on a provision in the recent House-passed bill, The HEROES Act. Currently if you have 50 or fewer employees you can qualify for an exemption from providing COVID-19 specific paid leave. It's not automatic, and you do have to document that you meet all the qualifications Department of Labor lays out, but if offering an employee paid leave for COVID-19 related reasons would "jeopardize the viability of the business as a going concern" then you have a recourse through this exemption. (More information is available on NPMA’s website here .) The HEROES ACT would remove this exemption entirely, leaving no recourse for businesses under 50 employees.

We need you to reach out to your Senators and explain that removing this exemption would be hurtful to small businesses. If The HEROES Act or any similar legislation receives a vote in the Senate, we urge them to remove this exemption.  CLICK HERE to take action today through our VoterVoice and tell your Senator to retain this key small business exemption.