GPCA Bug Bytes
By Connie Rogers
May 29, 2020

In this issue: E. Raymond Crim Scholarship
The E. Raymond Crim III Scholarship Program
Sponsored by Arrow Exterminators, Atlanta, GA
E. Raymond Crim III served the pest control industry and Atlanta based Arrow Exterminators extremely well throughout his 44-year career. He is a great example of leadership and integrity in business. On January 4, 2016, Ray officially retired from Arrow Exterminators after 25 years of service to Arrow and 44-years of service to the industry. 

Ray's career began in an unlikely place, Vietnam. Ray proudly served his country as a member of the armed forces in Vietnam. His role during the war served as his introduction to pest control. Ray served with the Preventative Medicine Unit - Mosquito Control and Research Division.

Ray used this experience to propel him into the pest control business upon his return to America. Ray learned the business from the ground up and rose all the way to the C suite becoming Sr. Executive VP for Arrow Exterminators in Atlanta, GA. 

Arrow Exterminators is proud to establish and support this scholarship program that will carry the name of E. Raymond Crim, III. This scholarship will be awarded annually and reflect Ray's military service and commitment to the industry. Arrow Exterminators will fund this $5,000 scholarship annually and preference will be given to applicants with military service. This scholarship is designed to be complimentary to existing scholarships within the industry.

For complete scholarship information please click on the link below: