GPCA Bug Bytes
By Connie Rogers
March 3, 2020
In this issue: Spring Road Shows, Cram Day and Legislative Update # 3
2020 Weekly Legislative Update
February 28, 2020

The General Assembly was in session Monday through Friday of last week; they have now completed days 17-21 of the legislative session, which moves us beyond the halfway point of the legislative session. Crossover (the last day for a bill to pass one Chamber to the other and remain alive for the Session) is quickly approaching and scheduled for March 12. The legislature will be in session Monday- Thursday of this week, completing days 22-25. 


HB 105 : The Hurricane Michael disaster relief bill, was amended in the Senate to include provisions that reduce taxes on rideshare companies and direct such dollars collected to transportation related expenses. The bill now awaits action in Senate Rules.

HB 888 : The House surprise billing bill passed out of the Special Committee on Access to Quality Healthcare on Tuesday, February 18 but was later recommitted back to the Special Committee on Access to Quality Healthcare by the House rules committee. This week the committee held another hearing and it once again passed out of the committee and now awaits action in House rules.

HB 987 : A bill that works to provide additional protective measures for elderly persons, was passed out of the House Special Committee on Access to Quality Healthcare on Tuesday and was passed on the House Floor today. This bill will be referred to the appropriate Senate committee next week.

HB 1037 : Updates the Film Tax credit statute and was introduced this week by Representative Matt Dollar. It has been assigned to the Working Group on Creative Arts and Entertainment.

SB 359 : An identical bill to HB 888 surprise billing bill has been assigned to the House Special Committee on Access to Quality Healthcare and is awaiting action by the committee.

SB 411 : Designed to remove barriers to entry for broadband deployment in rural areas, was introduced in Senate Regulated Industries this week and should be up for a vote in full Committee next week. An identical bill HB 244 should be up for a vote in the House Economic Development and Tourism committee next week.


This week GeorgiaLink sponsored and attended several events, including the Woman’s Caucus Lunch, the Senate Republican Caucus breakfast, the Lieutenant Governor’s 2nd annual Black History Month Recognition event, and the Legislative Black Caucus Heritage Dinner. We once again would like to thank all of our clients who sponsored these events and attended alongside us.

This week we also had the honor to host several client days on the hill, including; The Georgia Pest Control Association , The Georgia Smoke Free Association, Georgia Senior Living Association, and The International Council of Shopping Centers. We were fortunate to have visits from legislators and guest lobbyists to speak on the various issues and legislation that is important to your needs.
Governor Brian Kemp and Commissioner Gary Black were able to join us for the Annual GPCA Legislative Luncheon at the Capitol. 2020 was very successful as we were able to serve more than 260 legislators and staff this year!

On Friday, March 20th, you will have another opportunity to act like a college student before finals – CRAM, CRAM, CRAM!!!!! The CRAM day goes from 8 AM to 5 PM with instructor Jim Chase reviewing as much as he can Cram into the time to help you study for the state PCO exam. The morning program (about 8 to 11:30) is dedicated to HPC subjects. Middle of the day (about 11:30 to 1:30) is Rules and Regulations. The rest of the day (1:30 to 5 PM) is spent on WDO. GPCA provides pizza so you don’t have to break your learning process.

Member Prices
If you have taken the GPCA PCO course within the past 12 months, the cost is $50, per session, 1/2 day or full day.

If you have NOT taken the GPCA PCO course, the program is $75 morning, $75 afternoon. 

Non Member Prices —$150 1/2 day, $300 full day.

Register by calling the GPCA office at 770-417-1881. Registration forms can be emailed to or faxed to 770/417-1419 
Payment must be received when registering. No refunds for no shows or cancellations received less than 24 hours in advance.

For registration form please click on the link below :

To download a registration from from the GPCA website please click on the link below:
GPCA Spring Road Shows

Are you still looking for CEU's before the February 28, 2019 deadline?

GPCA has scheduled four road shows throughout the state to help you meet the training deadline:

March 5th, Statesboro , Ogeechee Tech
March 12th, Gwinnett , Gwinnett Tech
Easy Registration:

Click here to down load the registration form and fax to 770/417-1419: 2020 Spring Road Show Registration Form

Call the GPCA office at 770/417-1881 or 800/465-9827 to register by phone. Registration forms can be emailed to or faxed to 770/417-1419. Online registration is not available. 

Did you know?

GPCA loves to give back to it's members and their families. In doing so, we offer two different scholarships each year.

The Russell Scholarship is named after Robert Russell and is dedicated to supporting the advanced education of promising entomology students at the University of Georgia.

The Burnett Scholarship is named after Glenn Burnett and this program provides scholarships for our member's children - no matter what their course of study is.

The applications for both of these scholarships is attached - check 'em out!

Burnett Scholarship Criteria s to give back to it’s members and their families. We offer two different sch
The Russell Sch
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