GPL & NCAM Redevelopment Project | November 2021
Reflecting on 2021 progress
Highlights from the first year of construction
Aerial view of GPL & NCAM construction site in September 2021
As we approach the end of our first year of construction at the site of the new Golden Plough Lodge & Northumberland County Archives and Museum facility in Cobourg this December, we're taking a look back at the exciting progress made during the beginning stages of this project in 2021. The new facility will continue to take shape as construction progresses throughout 2022.

Reflecting on progress made in 2021
  • Over 1,300 geopiers (columns of uniformly graded and compacted stone) installed to strengthen the ground for construction
  • Deep sanitary sewer lines have been installed — some as deep as 8 metres!
  • Significant progress has also been made on the installation of other underground servicing, including:
  • 657 metres of storm sewer pipes installed to date
  • 513 metres of watermain pipes installed to date
  • 265 metres of sanitary pipes installed to date
  • Work continues on foundations, including basement foundations, foundation walls, and backfilling of foundations
  • Installations of electrical and communications connections are in progress
  • Preparation has begun for the ground floor transfer slab — a large concrete reinforced floor that will transfer load from the floors above to the ground. This process included one of the largest concrete pours at this construction site to date, which lasted for 11 straight hours! Several more concrete pours are planned to complete the transfer slab this winter.
  • Staff are also working with Salter Pilon Architecture to develop initial concepts for the interior design of the facility including wayfinding signage, colour palettes, artwork, imagery, and more

Where we are headed in 2022
This winter, work will begin on the above-ground structure, including structural steel and masonry work. The building will truly start to transform in summer 2022 as construction will begin on the exterior of the building including the exterior walls, roof, windows and doors.

Watch our recent progress
For a bird’s-eye view of construction progress in August and September, view our GPL & NCAM Redevelopment Construction Update video by visiting
Completed - circle with checkmark
Design Development
June 2018 to October 2020
Completed - circle with checkmark
Site Plan and Tender
October to November 2020
In progress - filled in circle
December 2020 to summer 2022
Not completed - circle with no checkmark
GPL Move-In
Fall 2022
Not completed - circle with no checkmark
NCAM Move-In
Fall/winter 2022
Ongoing throughout construction
Spring to late fall 2021
Site service connections
April to late fall 2021
Superstructure (above ground) construction
Winter 2021/2022
Structural steel and masonry work
Winter 2021/2022
Building envelope (exterior) construction
Summer 2022
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