GPL & NCAM Redevelopment Project | February 2022
NCAM exhibit plans underway
A behind-the-scenes look at the first exhibit for the new Northumberland County Archives & Museum (NCAM) Main Gallery
Hand-drawn sketch of a dome-shaped exhibit piece featuring people sitting on the ground in a forest environment and sound waves drawn on top of the sketch to indicate a sound element.
Upon completion of the GPL & NCAM redevelopment, NCAM will open a new gallery space with community-led exhibits and programming related to Northumberland’s arts, culture, history and more.

What will be NCAM's first exhibit in their new space?
The inaugural exhibit will celebrate and honour the Michi Saagiig dialect of Ojibwe. This was the first language spoken on the land where the new facility is being constructed and it is a living and beautiful language of the Anishinaabe today. The exhibit will use multimedia, light, imagery, and sound to animate the gallery space while exploring four main themes of the language: Alive, Beautiful, Resilient and Healing. A smaller travelling version of the exhibit will also be constructed to tour local schools and communities.

How is the exhibit being designed?
This exhibit is being created under the guidance of e wiindmaagzijig, an Indigenous Advisory Circle of eight Elders, Knowledge Keepers, Community Leaders and Educators. NCAM staff and e wiindmaagzijig are working with design firm Entro Communications to bring the exhibit concept to life

How and when can I experience the exhibit?
Once the new facility is complete and funding for the exhibit is secure, fabrication and installation of the exhibit will take approximately six months to complete. Upon completion, community members will be invited to experience the exhibit in our Main Gallery, attend one of our tour stops in the community, or attend related programming and events throughout the following year.

How can I find out more?
For more information about NCAM, visit or follow @northumberlandcountyarchives on Facebook.
Completed - circle with checkmark
Design Development
June 2018 to October 2020
Completed - circle with checkmark
Site Plan and Tender
October to November 2020
In progress - filled in circle
December 2020 to summer 2022
Not completed - circle with no checkmark
GPL Move-In
Fall 2022
Not completed - circle with no checkmark
NCAM Move-In
Fall/winter 2022
Earthwork & masonry work
Ongoing throughout construction
Spring 2021 to spring 2022
Superstructure (above ground) construction & steel work
Spring 2022
Building envelope (exterior) construction
Summer 2022
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