GPL's January Newsletter
Our twenty-first century library is buzzing with energy. It’s a wonderful mix of people, programs, technology, culture, and books, that creates the aliveness that you experience when you walk into this Greenburgh nexus. We have a dedicated staff that puts a lot of hard work into keeping it humming, bringing the community insightful programs, book clubs, and art shows, as well as keeping the best materials on the shelves for everyone’s enjoyment. This month we thought we’d pull back the curtain on some of what we do here, and show you how it happens!
Making Programs Happen at The Library
The library puts on over 1,000 programs per clubs, film screenings, discussion groups, storytimes, tech classes, and so much more! It takes a lot of planning and organization to make sure these high quality programs run smoothly.

Librarian Diana Lennon, one of several librarians responsible for all of the wonderful events here, took a few minutes to break down the essence of making programs happen. She notes that while there are many different ways that programs are born, one of the most common ways is through identifying a community need. “I started getting a lot of requests at the reference desk for English classes, and when I also started hearing about the need for ESOL (English as a Second Language) from my contacts at the schools, religious organizations, and from the Latino community, I knew it was important for us to create an ESOL class to meet this need,” says Lennon.

Lennon identifies teachers and presenters for her programs through many different channels. She was able to recruit teachers for her ESOL class from the Westchester Community College TESOL certificate program , and many of them are also members of her English/Spanish conversation group . Lennon and other librarians have also identified excellent program presenters from the library’s list of program proposal submission forms (where interested instructors and presenters may submit ideas/plans).

Sometimes programs are so popular that the library needs to take registration, which is usually done online through the library’s website, or by calling the reference desk. The nature of a program can also require registration. Lennon indicates, for example, the ESOL classes are much more effective with small groups that can facilitate discussion.

How do we get the word out about all these great classes and programs? Primarily through weekly emails , this newsletter , our website , posters, flyers and calendars and through contacts with organizations in the community. Lennon notes that she shares information for both ESOL and her Domingos Divertidos literacy program , through social media groups like the Elmsford Greenburgh Padres Hispanos Facebook page .

The librarians at Greenburgh work very hard to bring you high quality programs, and we are always looking for new ways to let the community know what we have to offer here. Check out our online calendar , to find out what excellent programs are coming up! 
Staff Picks
The Library is For Art
In addition to our extensive collections and wonderful programs, the library also works hard to maintain its responsibility as a cultural destination for art and artifacts in the community. Librarian Kate Colquitt and Secretary to the Director Cory Deitchman are responsible for, and dedicated to, keeping dynamic and engaging exhibits in both of the library’s primary galleries . Colquitt and Deitchman work with artists to identify the best exhibit space, arrange the installation, and even organize receptions, openings, and presentations to accompany the work and engage the community. Interested in exhibiting? Find out more here . In addition to the new and exciting exhibits in our gallery spaces, the library also boasts several significant permanent pieces:
Murray Bodin, Sculptor

Bodin learned welding at a nighttime trade school 50 years ago in Yonkers, New York, where he grew up. He has outdoor sculptures exhibited across the Northeast, many at libraries. This piece is found on the library’s front lawn, as you approach the main entrance. Color and simple forms are very important to Bodin’s work, as exemplified by this piece.
Craig Usher, Sculptor

Usher earned a BFA from SUNY Purchase and an MFA from the New York Studio School. This piece was one of three donated to the town of Greenburgh in 2009, and is immediately visible upon turning into the library’s main drive. The piece, titled Infinite Wanderings Through Strange Places , is constructed with bronze cast and welding methods.
Ohyoung Kwon, Artist

Kwon exhibited at the library in the summer of 2013, while visiting family. He donated this calligraphy scroll for permanent display as a gesture of thanks to the library. You can find this piece in the 2nd floor vestibule of the adult area.
The Journey of a Book

How does the library decide what books, DVDs and music to purchase? This frequently asked question has no simple answer.

Find out how books get from the vendor to the library, and from the box to the shelf.

What happens when you put in a request for a book on our shelf, or from another library? Find out!
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