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Expand Your World @ GPL!
Communities across the United States, Greenburgh included, have many residents with cultural backgrounds from all over the world. Greenburgh Public Library offers programming all year long that highlights the cultural origins and traditions of its diverse residents. July is a particularly special time for cultural programming here at GPL, with a calendar full of opportunities to expand your world.

Café a las Siete , organized by Librarian Diana Lennon , returns for it’s ninth season here at the library. Funded by ArtsWestchester and the Friends of the Greenburgh Library , the series brings library patrons the very best of Latin music, dance, and literary programs. In past years, the series has featured Mexican paper flower crafting, expert Salsa dancers, traditional music from Argentina, Caribbean artists and poets. “Our common bonds across cultures are the language of literature, dance, and music. Café a las Siete presents Latino culture to unite us in the enjoyment of this shared language,” says librarian Diana Lennon. In 2018, the series featured a lively Mariachi band, as well as a workshop with Cuban-American children's book author Emma Otheguy . You're invited to join in the fun for the rest of the series, which will include lessons and demonstrations of Salsa , Milonga and Tango dancing.

The library’s summer collaboration with the Greenburgh Evergreen Group of Elders also returns for it’s sixth season at the library, thanks to the coordination of Librarian Kate Colquitt . The Evergreen Group of Westchester formed in 1999 to benefit the educational, social and ethnic needs of Chinese elders 55 and older. The Evergreen Group provides an important social bond and support network for its members, and has collaborated with the library to select summer programs that are open and beneficial for all. Over the years, the Evergreen Group has enriched the Library with their culture, and some of their programs have now become mainstays-- their stitching group is now part of Librarian Genie Contrata and Clerk Laura Burk’s regular Stitchfest . This summer the Evergreen Group will be sponsoring programs in Chinese Brush Painting & Calligraphy , Mixed Dance and Movement , Tai Chi , as well as English as Second Language (ESL) classes .

In addition to the diversity of programming being presented this summer, the library provides a number of other opportunities and collections to expand your cultural horizons. Check out more of our offerings below!
Summer Hours

Monday: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Tuesday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Wednesday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Thursday: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Friday: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 5:30 pm
Sunday : Closed
Library Happenings
Escape Room: Escape the Haunted Library...
On August 1st at 4:00 pm, discover the ghostly legend of Malcolm J. Greenburgh, haunting the halls of Greenburgh Public Library. Crack the codes on your way to finding M.J. Greenburgh's buried treasure. 

Why come to the Greenburgh Escape Room?
During your adventure, participants work as a team to solve the mystery that will ultimately allow them to escape. Children, teens and adults learn how to think critically and use the strengths of each player to reach their goal. You and your team will rely on your wits and be on your toes for surprises along the way. 

Will all ages enjoy it?
Your team is on a quest to solve puzzles and uncover the facts. History, entertainment, ghosts, and cracking codes -- it's got it all! Not only do you have to put your thinking cap on, the Escape Room will allow participants to use their creative side too. Use your imagination -- what you think may be a normal artifact could actually be a clue or puzzle that will bring you to the next step. Thinking outside the box may lead you ... out of the room and straignt to hidden treasure.  Sign up is simple, just click here for the challenge of the summer. 
Diverse Collections @ GPL
Multicultural Resources at the Library
At GPL, we have many multicultural online resources you can use in the library or at home! The “Recursos en español” page, found under “Services,” provides Latinx with information in Spanish about library programs and services, as well as information that we hope will be helpful to the community. The “Necesito Ayuda,” or “I need help” page, includes information about our English classes and weekly English-Spanish Conversation Group; citizenship, health, and emergency information; sources for news from abroad; resources in Westchester County; websites to help with research; and information about supporting children and teens, especially those who speak more than one language.

Under our “Reader’s Advisory” button, we have listed non-fiction books in Spanish, and fiction books available in Spanish and English, most of which our Spanish Book Club, Círculo de Lectores , has read over the past few years. These suggestions are a great introduction to Latino writers no matter the language you read in, and they provide new inspiration, adventure, and a whole new world of stories.

Ready to improve your language skills? The “World Languages” guide will set you on a path supported by library resources, whether books, audiovisual materials, or websites and apps. If you’re feeling inspired, you can try Mango Languages and learn over 71 languages. Need to catch up on your Pirate or brush up on Punjabi? Mango is your go to site! Mango also offers specialty courses such as “Business in Spanish,” “Job Seeking in English,” and “Soccer in Portugese” among many more. 

If you’re looking to browse movies, try out the global studies and languages section of Kanopy ! You can stream up to ten films each month with your library card. 

Arrivederci! Adios! A uf Wiedersehen! Ciao! Bon Voyage! Sayonara!