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The focus of this newsletter pertains to custom soft lens applications. In particular, our most recent webinar on the topic of “Custom Soft Lens Update for Healthy and Irregular Cornea Patients” from esteemed specialty contact lens fitter and educator Dr. Renee Reeder is highlighted

In addition, an exciting new scleral lens initiative is presented.

Finally, the GPLI is excited to announce the hiring of a Development and Marketing Coordinator. Elizabeth “Beth” Anderzhon will begin her responsibilities on October 1. 


Custom Soft Lens Update for Healthy and Irregular Cornea Patients
Renee E. Reeder, OD, FAAO

Dr. Reeder presented a very contemporary webinar complete with clinical pearls and pertinent cases pertaining to custom soft lenses for astigmatic and irregular cornea patients. She is a graduate of the University of Alabama-Birmingham College of Optometry prior to completing a residency in cornea and contact lenses at the Indiana University School of Optometry. For many years she was Chief of the Contact Lens Service at the Illinois College of Optometry prior to recently accepting the position of Department Chair in Clinical Education at the University of Pikeville, Kentucky College of Optometry. She is currently Secretary of the AOA Contact Lens and Cornea Section Council, and is a Diplomate and Diplomate Award Committee member of the American Academy of Optometry Cornea, Contact Lenses & Refractive Technologies Section. She is an advisory board member of the GPLI and the first educator to receive the GPLI “GP Practitioner of the Year” award.

Highlights of her webinar included the following:

I.                   Why Custom Soft Lenses

==========a.     Patients wearing off the shelf standard soft lenses with corneas ===============exhibiting atypical corneal size or shape risk the following:
 ===============i.     Poor Centration
 ===============ii.     Insufficient or Excessive Movement
 ===============iii.     Decreased Comfort
===============iv.     Decreased Wearing Time
===============v.     Possible Neovascularization

II.                 Custom Soft Lens Availability: Many CLMA laboratories offer custom solutions to address:

==========a.     Sagittal needs
==========b.     Large or small diameters
==========c.      Steeper/flatter base curves
==========d.     Parameter availability:
===============i.     Torics: Higher power cylinders, often with axis in 1˚ ====================increments
===============ii.     Multifocals: More toric options, higher adds, and ====================wavefront designs

III.                Healthy Cornea Cases

==========a.     Steeper than average cornea with a small horizontal visible iris ===============diameter; success with an 8.2mm BCR in a 13.0mm OAD custom soft ===============lens
==========b.     Larger than average (12.4mm) corneal diameter; success was achieved ===============with a 15.0mm OAD custom soft lens
==========c.      Highly myopic with moderate astigmatic correction; success achieved ===============with a 14.5mm OAD and the following powers in a custom soft toric ===============correction: 
===============OD: -8.50 – 3.75 x 022 and OS: -9.00 – 3.75 x 167

IV.               Custom Soft Lenses for the Irregular Cornea

==========a.     Candidates
===============i.     Unilateral kones
===============ii.     Patients who have failed with either corneal or scleral ====================GP lenses
===============iii.     Patients who dislike piggybacks
===============iv.     Initial kone fits: very straightforward on mild-to-====================moderate kones and easier to handle than sclerals ====================or hybrids
===============v.     Post PKP: especially plateau grafts
===============vi.     PMD: more forgiving than corneal lenses with better ====================centration
===============vii.     Post Refractive Surgery
==========b.     Important Parameters, Fitting, Evaluation, and Care
===============i.     Parameters: Base Curve, Diameter, and Thickness
===============ii.     Topography
===============iii.     Corneal Profile Evaluation
===============iv.     Shape
===============v.     Examples of Representative Lens Designs
===============vi.     Lens Care
==========c.      Representative Cases
===============i.     Mild Kone with corneal GP intolerance; refit ====================successfully with custom soft lens
===============ii.     Advanced Kone who had failed with both piggyback ====================and scleral lens in one eye; refit successfully with ====================custom soft toric with a steep skirt design
===============iii.     Advanced Kone with high myopia and large HVID. =====================Successfully fit into a 15.0mm OAD custom soft =====================toric lens design
===============iv.     Post PKP keratoconus patient who experienced =====================numerous failures with corneal GP lenses due to =====================poor lens position; successfully fit into a large =====================OAD, steep BCR, reverse geometry custom soft =====================toric design
===============v.     Patient is aphakic and experienced penetrating ====================trauma with surgical repair resulting in a very ====================irregular cornea and has failed with corneal, ====================intralimbal, and corneoscleral lenses due to poor ====================centration; successfully fitted into a steep base ====================curve, high plus power custom soft toric lens

Spotlight on Education II:
Introduction of the Scleral Lens Initiative
Jobson Medical Information has released Scleral Lenses 2021: The Scleral Lens Education Initiative, consisting of two key components, a two-hour COPE-approved webinar and a comprehensive special report eResource.

The Scleral Lens Education Initiative was created to provide eye care professionals interested in starting a scleral lens specialty or growing an existing one with all of the information and resources they need to provide the best scleral lens treatment possible for their patients while building their business. 

The comprehensive 80-page Scleral Lenses 2021 eResource was developed by leading optometrists and GPLI Advisory Board members, Melissa Barnett, OD, FAAO, FSLS, FBCLA, and John Gelles, OD, FIAO, FCLSA, FSLS, FBCLA, who gathered scleral lens experts to cover every aspect of specializing in scleral lenses. The scleral lens eResource covers everything from the history through the materials to successfully fitting patients and managing them along with the business.

Scleral Lenses 2021 also includes a comprehensive resource guide with direct links to books, peer-reviewed journals, events, professional societies, instruments, labs, materials, and other products, all related to your scleral lens specialty. The two-hour webinar, “The Who, Why and How of Scleral Lens Fitting,” also includes everything you need to know about building and growing your scleral lens specialty. The webinar covers the history of scleral lenses, scleral lens designs, materials, technologies, complications, best practices, collaboration with other providers, and much more. Access the Scleral Lens Education Initiative here: Link to the Initiative



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The CLMA and the GP Lens Institute are GOLD Level Sponsors to the GSLS 2022. One Contact Lens Educator - faculty member - from each optometric school and college of Optometry in North America will receive a complimentary registration to attend.



Beth Anderzhon

The GPLI is excited to announce the hiring of Elizabeth “Beth” Anderzhon as our Development and Marketing Coordinator.

 Beth has a long history in graphics and creative projects. She most recently served in the position of Creative Lead for Nebraska Recycling Council in Lincoln, Nebraska. She received her Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Journalism and Mass Communications.

She will help spearhead our development program as well as assist in most GPLI activities including the newsletter, social media, and special projects. 

2021 GPLI Upcoming Webinar Series
October 5, 2021 STUDENT WEBINAR

Presented by:

Tiffany Andrzejewski OD, FAAO

Sydni Davis, OD

Carl Kramer OD, FAAO

Madison Moss, OD

Why You Should Consider an Optometric Residency


October 19: Jason Jedlicka OD, FAAO, FSLS:
Software Applications for Specialty Lens Designs

November 16: Greg DeNaeyer OD, FAAO, FSLS: Beyond the Basics: Advanced scleral lens design

December 21: Maria K. Walker OD, MS, FAAO, FSLS: GP Material Update


Custom Soft Contact Lenses

The GPLI has no less than seven archived webinars on custom soft contact lenses that have been presented in the past four years. The topics include custom toric and multifocals, irregular cornea management, hybrids, tinted/prosthetic lenses, and amniotic membranes. 

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