In this issue we will feature our June webinar entitled: “Pediatric Specialty Contact Lens Applications” presented by GPLI Advisory Board member Heidi Miller OD, FAAO, FSLS. This webinar is archived on under the “webinars” tab. She did an outstanding job of providing a clinical presentation on how you can successfully manage the pediatric patient with contact lenses, how to decide on the specific management option, and specific cases that highlight the different management options. The “Resource Spotlight” will highlight our 17 component “Building Your Practice with GP Bifocals & Multifocals” module. Our Advisory Board, consisting of many of the most respected specialty contact lens practitioners in the world, are also highlighted. 


"Pediatric Specialty Contact Lens Applications"

Heidi Miller OD, FAAO, FSLS

Indications for Pediatric Contact Lenses:
           • Aphakia (congenital cataract, trauma, micro-ophthalmia)
           • High Myopia
           • High Hyperopia
           • Ocular Surface Disease
           • Irregular Astigmatism
           • Photophobia: Aniridia, iris coloboma, albinism, achromatopsia
           • Amblyopia:

1)     Opaque occlusive contact lens as alternative to patching

2)     Over-plussing the non-amblyopic eye to cause significant blur

3)     Anisometropia

4)     Nystagmus

Benefits of Contact Lenses Versus Spectacles
           • Field of View
           • Decreased aberrations
           • Prevent aniseikonia
           • Increased magnification for myopes
           • No induced prism
           • No frames to maintain in place

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Contact Lens Corrective Options
           • Soft Hydrogel
           • Silicone Elastomer
           • Prosthetic Contact Lenses
           • Corneal GP:

1)     Essentials for fitting GP lenses

2)     The fitting process

Pediatric Aphakia
           • Contact lenses versus IOLs
           • Fitting Aphakia
           • Correction after two years of age
           • Insertion and removal training
           • Follow-up visit schedule and procedures

Patient Cases
1)     6 month old Silsoft wearer

2)     9 month old prosthetic contact lens wearer

3)     7 month old with corneal transplant fit into corneal GP lens

4)     8 year old Stevens-Johnson patient fit into scleral lenses


Resource Spotlight:

Building Your Practice with
GP Bifocals & Multifocals

This 17 component video-based module has resources for eye care professionals, staff, and patients. It is located on the home page under “Education” followed by “By Lens Type” and then “Presbyopia/Multifocals”. This includes the following:

• Presenting GP Presbyopic Options (video)
• Presenting Options Card for the ECP (pdf)
• Setting Patient Expectations (video)
• GP Presbyopic Lens Options (video series)
• Choosing the Right Patient; Choosing the Right Lens (video)
• GP Multifocal and Bifocal Fitting and Evaluation (video)
• Marketing Contact Lens Services to Your Presbyopic Patients (video)
• Professional Fee Calculator (pdf with instructions for using the calculator)
• Handling Patient Telephone Inquiries (video)
• Scripts to Answer Patient Questions (pdf)
• Presenting Options Card for Staff (pdf)
• Glossary of Terminology (pdf)
• GP Lens Application and Removal (video series)
• Patient Brochure (pdf)
• Patient Reading Card (can be ordered from site)

The Professional Fee Calculator and the GP Lens Application and Removal video can be used with any GP patient.



GP Lens Institute Advisory Board

We are very proud of our Advisory Board, many of whom recently participated in one of 12 advisory zoom meetings held between June 10 – 23.

Those participating included: Roxanne Achong-Coan, Tiffany Andrzejewski, Tom Arnold, Dick Baker, Melissa Barnett, Ed Boshnick, Ray Brill, Steve Byrnes, Karen Carrasquillo, Carmen Castellano, Gloria Chiu, Brian Chou, Rob Davis, Daniel Deligio, Karen Deloss, Greg DeNaeyer, Tim Edrington, Rob Ensley, Daddi Fadel, Jennifer Fogt, Wendy Ford, Dan Fuller, John Gelles, Alan Glazier, Bob Grohe, Susan Gromacki, Cary Herzberg, Jason Jedlicka, Lynette Johns, Matt Kauffman, Beth Kinoshita, Elise Kramer, Mike Lipson, Derek Louie, Marsha Malooley, Bob Maynard, Brittney Mazza, Brooke Messer, Heidi Miller, Bruce Morgan, Clarke Newman, Craig Norman, Roxanna Potter, Tom Quinn, Renee Reeder, Susan Resnick, Buddy Russell, Pam Satjawatcharaphong, Louise Sclafani, Jack Schaeffer, David Seibel, Joe Shovlin, Brian Silverman, Jeff Sonsino, Long Tran, Eef van der Worp, Jeff Walline, Maria Walker, Bruce Williams, Stephanie Woo



General GP Contact Lenses
Bifocal/Multifocal Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses for Irregular Corneas
Corneal Reshaping / Orthokeratology
Scleral Lens Designs

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2021 GPLI Monthly Webinar Series

July 20, 2021

Contact Lens Management of Keratoconus

Presented by
Stephanie L. Woo, OD, FAAO, FSLS

8:00 PM Central


July 27: STUDENT WEBINAR: Dawn Lam, MS, OD, FAAO and Erin Rueff, OD, PhD, FAAO
Troubleshooting Corneal GP Lenses

August 17: Jeffrey J. Walline, OD, PhD, FAAO
Myopia Management Update

September 21: Renee Reeder OD, FAAO, FSLS: Custom Soft Lens Update for Healthy and Irregular Cornea Patients

October 19: Jason Jedlicka OD, FAAO, FSLS:
Software Applications for Specialty Lens Designs

November 16: Greg DeNaeyer OD, FAAO, FSLS: Beyond the Basics: Advanced scleral lens design

December 21: Maria K. Walker OD, MS, FAAO, FSLS: GP Material Update


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