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Expanding Your Practice Through Education

This month the emphasis will be two very educational – but also very different – webinars hosted by the GPLI. On August 16th John Gelles OD, FAAO, FIAOMC, FCLSA, FSLS, FBCLA and Tiffany Andrzejewski OD, FAAO presented the webinar entitled “Specialty Contact Lens Grand Rounds: The Decision-Making Process.” They presented a series of four challenging cases and how they made the decision to ultimately fit them into a particular modality. This included scleral, corneal GP, custom soft, hybrid, and scleral multifocal lenses. Accompanying photos, topographies, and bottom line clinical pearls are presented. In addition, a webinar entitled “Expanding Your Practice through Education: Becoming a Specialty Contact Lens Externship” was moderated by Gloria B. Chiu OD, FAAO, FSLS with four very prominent panelists – and pertains to an exciting new initiative by the GPLI to significantly increase the number of specialty contact lens clinical externship sites for 4th year optometry students. Our resource spotlight pertains to several of our practice-building resources including webinars and our coding and billing module.


"Specialty Contact Lens Grand Rounds: The Decision-Making Process"

Drs. Tiffany Andrzejewski and John Gelles

The presenters gave four very interesting and different cases including the following:


The Keratoconus Patient Case Gelles

Information: 35 y/o female referred for corneal crosslinking. She did not realize she had keratoconus and had wearing glasses her entire life. Had moderate-severe KCN 55.9/59.4 central cone IS ratio OD 12D. OS 15.3. Difference from top to bottom very significant. Refraction: OD: Pl – 4.00 x 090 OS: Pl – 5.50 x 090. Diagnosed with a large amount of coma, trefoil and spherical aberration.

What to do?

Scleral lenses good option; dispense & she says she is looking through a fishbowl . . sees 20/20-

Two Options:

  1. Custom soft lenses which can minimize the aberrations
  2. Scleral lenses


Scleral lenses are not always the answer

Selection Considerations

  • Refraction: if better than 20/30 consider soft
  • Rigid lens OR: if patient isn’t enthusiastic about this visual result, think soft
  • Topography: if ≥ 10D of asymmetry, consider a scleral
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“Expanding Your Practice through Education: Becoming a Specialty Contact Lens Externship”

Moderator: Dr. Gloria Chiu

Panelists: Drs. John Gelles, Barry Eiden, Marsha Malooley, and Ashley Tucker

This program was sponsored by a very distinquished group of contact lens specialists in the US who meet and share “best practices” in eye care and new technologies: the Society of Eye Care Specialists. This includes Drs. Robert L. Davis, Jeffrey Sonsino, Jordan Kassalow, Amy Nau, Douglas Inns, Aaron McNulty, Moshe Schwartz, Lamar Zigler, Barry Eiden, Todd Bowman, Jeff Cooper, Randall Fuerst, David Seibel, Selina McGee, and Shalu Pal.

Dr. Chiu initially recognized the Specialty Contact Lens Clinical Externship Committee which includes her as Chair, and GPLI Advisory Board and “Rising Star” committee members Drs. Anita Gulmiri, Dan Fuller, Pam Satjawatcharaphong, Laurel Kelley, Mari Fujimoto, Grace Tseng, Madison Moss, and Dr. Sherry Mei.

The goal of this program is to significantly increase the number of specialty contact lens clinical externship sites. The purpose of the webinar was to identify challenges and how to overcome them, understand logistics of student rotations, and encourage more optometrists to consider hosting interns in your practice. All four experts on the panel have a lengthy history of having clinical externs rotating through their practice and they provided input to several questions.

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GPLI and Practice-Building

The GPLI has a number of webinars and modules to assist in building a specialty contact lens practice.

This includes webinars such as:

“How to Build a Specialty Contact Lens Practice”

by Drs. Stephanie Woo and Elise Kramer

“Introduction to Billing and Coding”

by Dr. Stephanie Woo

And for anyone looking for a new position with a specialty contact lens practice: “Finding the Practice of Your Dreams”

by Dr. David Seibel

Two very beneficial modules are:

Our “Coding and Billing Module” under the direction of Dr. Clarke Newman which includes very informative presentations on how to code and bill for specialty contact lens patients as well as for myopia management and FAQs, helpful downloadable brochures and forms, as well as common errors.

And Laboratory Consultant FAQsInput from over 20 exceptional CLMA laboratory consultants on the most common questions they are asked are provided in this module.

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We have almost 3000 GP specialists with their area(s) of specialty listed to assist you when you need to refer a patient or for patients looking for a GP specialist, as this resource is also available on our consumer site:

If you are interested in signing up to be a referral GP lens practitioner, you can do so here

Specialties Include:

General GP Contact Lenses

Bifocal/Multifocal Contact Lenses

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Scleral Lens Designs

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Upcoming Webinar

Scleral Lens Research and Clinical Implications

September 20th

8PM Central

by Dr. Gloria Chiu

This activity, COPE Activity #124515, is accredited by COPE for continuing education for optometrists.

COPE Course ID: 79593-CL

The GP Lens Institute has received commercial support from Acuity Polymers, Inc., BostonSight, and Contamac for this activity in the form of unrestricted educational grants.

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