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Scleral Lens Clinical Issues and Supporting Research

This month we will emphasize scleral lenses, and the results of recent clinical research about very relevant clinical issues pertaining to scleral lenses. Our outstanding September webinar on this topic was presented by Dr. Gloria Chiu, an Advisory Board member of the GPLI and Associate Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology at the USC Roski Eye Institute, Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine. Dr. Chiu is also Chair of our Clinical Externships Committee which hosted a webinar last month for anyone interested in serving as a specialty contact lens externship site for fourth year optometry students. Our resource focus this month will pertain to, of course, scleral lenses. Finally, we are all saddened by the recent passing of a contact lens and anterior segment icon, Dr. Art Epstein. We will pay tribute to Dr. Epstein and also highlight an upcoming Woo University program for which all of the profits will be donated to the GPLI for an award in his honor.


"Scleral Lens Research and Clinical Implications"

Dr. Gloria Chiu

Some pearls from Dr. Chiu’s webinar include:

Why be interested in clinical research

  • Learn about novel ways to solve problems
  • Learn about complications that can arise
  • Learn about different treatment options and outcomes
  • Review best practices for clinical care
  • Be a better doctor
  • Ultimately provide the best care for our patients

Scleral lenses are highly published

  • PubMed Search: 2,258 results
  • Good resource for beginners and expert clinicians is the CLEAR study. Barnett M, Fourey C, Fadel D, et al. Cont Lens Anterior Eye 2021;44(2):270-288.
  • Clinical Research Topic 1: Impact of Scleral Lenses on eyelids and tear film
  • Clinical Research Topic 2: Scleral Lenses WITHOUT fluid reservoir (i.e., fenestrations)??
  • Clinical Research Topic 3: Scleral Lens wear and corneal physiology
  • Clinical Research Topic 4: Corneal endothelial blebs
  • Clinical Research Topic 5: Corneal edema and RK
  • Clinical Research Topic 6: Conjunctival prolapse
  • Clinical Research Topic 7: Scleral Lenses and IOP
  • Clinical Research Topic 8: Scleral Lenses and Keratoconus
  • Clinical Research Topic 9: Scleral Lenses and Corneal Scars
  • Clinical Research Topic 9: Scleral Lenses for Descemetocele
  • Clinical Research Topic 10: Filling Solutions and Symptoms
  • Clinical Research Topic 11: Scleral Lens Wear and Infectious Risk
  • Applications for Scleral Lenses
  • The importance of reviewing publications and posters on scleral lenses
Watch the Webinar


"Custom Soft Lens Update" by Dr. Matt Lampa

Tuesday, October 18th • 8 PM Central


This activity, COPE Activity #124476, is accredited by COPE for continuing education for optometrists.

COPE Course ID: 79325-CL

The GP Lens Institute has gratefully received commercial support from ABB Optical GroupAcuity Polymers, Inc.Art Optical Contact Lens, Inc., and Contamac for this activity in the form of unrestricted educational grants.

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GPLI and Practice-Building

The GPLI has a number of scleral lens tools and resources including archived webinars, and many other online resources that can be found here.

These include the following:

35 archived webinars

On all scleral-lens related topics

GP Scleral Lens Troubleshooting FAQs

This 40 page downloadable mini-book on scleral lenses – developed in partnership with the Scleral Lens Education Society – includes applications, design, fitting, problem-solving, and lens care with over 125 photos.

The Michigan College of Optometry Scleral Lens Fit Scales

Contact Lens Clinical Pocket Guide

GP Case Grand Rounds Troubleshooting Guide

8 cases in this online book

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We have almost 3000 GP specialists with their area(s) of specialty listed to assist you when you need to refer a patient or for patients looking for a GP specialist, as this resource is also available on our consumer site:

If you are interested in signing up to be a referral GP lens practitioner, you can do so here

Specialties Include:

General GP Contact Lenses

Bifocal/Multifocal Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses for Irregular Corneas

Corneal Reshaping / Orthokeratology

Scleral Lens Designs

Submit Your Practice

As mentioned above, the GPLI has embarked on a very ambitious project to significantly increase the number of specialty contact lens clinical externship sites for fourth optometry students. Any eye care professional entertaining the idea of becoming an externship site should go to our web page for more information. There is an educational webinar from August 23rd entitled “Expanding Your practice through Education: Becoming a Specialty Contact Lens Externship Site” where four experts discuss the benefits of having externs rotate through their respective practices as well as an application to become a site.

This program is sponsored by the Society of Eye Care Specialists (SECS). Members of the SECS include Drs. Rob Davis, Jeffery Sonsino, Jordan Kassalow, Amy Nau, Douglas Inns, Aaron McNulty, Moshe Schwartz, Lamar Zigler, Barry Eiden, Todd Bowman, Jeff Cooper, Randall Fuerst, David Seibel, Selina McGee, and Shalu Pal.

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A Tribute to Dr. Art Epstein

We were all saddened by the passing of one of the profession of optometry’s foremost clinicians, educators, and influencers, Dr. Art Epstein, this past Monday, September 26th at the age of 71. There have been few individuals in the eye care professions who have not benefitted from his over 1100 invited lectures, numerous publications, and editorials. He was considered one of the leading experts in dry eye diagnosis and management, ocular allergies, and specialty contact lenses.


Art was a graduate of both the State University of New York (SUNY) College of Optometry and also their ocular disease residency. After 28 years serving as President and Chief Clinical Officer at North Shore Contact Lens & Vision Consultants in Roslyn, NY he moved to Phoenix, AZ and served as the Director of Clinical Research for The Dry Eye and Ocular Research Center for Phoenix Eye Care, the practice he established with his wife, Dr. Shannon Steinhäuser, in 2013.


He has received numerous honors including the American Optometric Association (AOA) Contact Lens and Cornea Section Legends Award, induction in the Oklahoma Optometry Hall of Fame, and – most notably – he was ranked #1 among America’s Eye Doctors in 2021 by no less than Newsweek magazine. Among his many leadership positions was serving as Chair of the Contact Lens Section of the AOA, and also founder and past President of the Optometric Dry Eye Society. He was also a Distinguished Practitioner in the National Academies of Practice. As a long-time Advisory Board member of the GP Lens Institute (GPLI), I’ve always appreciated his support and contributions to our programs and resources.


More than anything, as will be communicated in a forthcoming CL Today and Contact Lens Spectrum tribute, Art was the profession of optometry's lightning rod. As a long-time Medical Editor of Optometric Physician, he invited controversy with his editorials and his influence has been enormous. The word that appears to come to most people’s mind when thinking about Art Epstein is . . . irreplaceable. There will never be another individual like him and we should cherish the fact that – for 45 years - we did have Dr. Art Epstein as our colleague, mentor, and educator.


To honor Dr. Epstein, Woo University is donating 100% of their profits from their upcoming symposium to the GPLI for an award in Dr. Epstein’s name. This four hour program on the topic of Oral Pharmaceuticals will be held this Sunday, October 2nd and you can register here:

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