GPRA Update - August 13, 2017 - McKinley is Safe!!
Dear Great Pyrenees Friends,

McKinley is safe!!! After 16 days and an extraordinary effort by GPRA's Heather and her husband Mathew, a special community made up of caring homeowners called Milton and a slew of volunteers ranging from GPRA in Atlanta to Big Fluffy Dog in Tenn., our Florida hoarding case rescue who scaled his foster's fence is now at our trainer, Scot Rucker, for socialization.

McKinley is a totally submissive, gentlest of gentle PYR that, simply, has never had real human contact. The minute he scaled Robyn's fence, Heather made it her mission to safely capture him. She realized early on that humans trying to catch him would only drive him further away from our base in Milton. She searched and sought out the help of Sarah at BFD in Tenn. and Jordina of Lost Dog Tracking and Capture. Meg helped her communicate to the Milton Community the story of McKinley and the importance to report sighting of him to GPRA but to not approach him as that would increase the risk of flight to congested areas where cars were a greater threat to his safety.

The week that followed his escape focused on a deliberate strategy to build McKinley's confidence. We alerted and experienced fantastic cooperation from the Triple Crown, Richmond Glen and White Columns subdivisions of Milton, as homeowners called in McKinley sightings continually so we could track his whereabouts. After dark, he kept returning to Jeanne's property in the Triple Crown Subdivision. Thanks to Jeanne and her family's cooperation, Heather and her team constructed a large enclosure on her property. Every night a king's feast was left for McKinley and, with the cameras we installed on the property, we patiently observed his growing confidence to enter the enclosure as we added panels each night. Finally, with a fresh rotisserie chicken hanging in the far corner, Heather and her team pulled the 50 foot rope attached to the gate while hiding inside Jeanne's home, and McKinley was home!!!

GPRA cannot thank all the compassionate people that led to McKinley's safe capture enough. He will be a GREAT pet once training is complete. Please let us know if you are interested in adopting our famous boy. Donations are also welcome.  Oh, BTW, since the Milton community and the Milton police department were so helpful and kind, McKinley's name has now been changed to MILTON!!!  


Thank you,
John Heldrich
GPRA, President and Founder

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