GPRA Update - May 9, 2017 - Fosters Needed
Dear Great Pyrenees Friends,

Have a GIANT summer!!! Please consider fostering a Gentle Giant this summer. He ather i s very good at matching our foster families with the right Gentle Giant and the experience and reward your family will have, especially kids, can be priceless. Check out the GPRA website to see who is still in boarding, plus we have multiple incoming PYRS that deserve a family's nurturing. 

We are taking a female PYR that, we're told, had her mouth wrapped with orange duct tape so she wouldn't bark and was only fed twice a week so she wouldn't make a mess too often going to the bathroom. We know the recent resiliency of Liam, Susan, Pence, Zoey and Rocky and know this latest tragedy will have a happy ending.

And thanks again to all that participated in the GPRA raffle as the funds raised help us offset significant medical costs.

Thank you,
John Heldrich
GPRA, President and Founder

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