GPRA Update 4/18/2019
Dear Great Pyrenees Friends,

It's time to register for Gentle Giants in the Park as the big event is now just over one week away on Saturday April 27th. We are rescuing our 1,600th PYR and are already about to bring in number 90 this year.  Please join us  to be part of the 100+ Gentle Giants attending this big event.  

PLEASE purchase your raffle tickets that will help cover our massive medical costs and please share our raffle page with your friends and neighbors.  

We are featuring one of our gentlest Giants, Goldie B, who is a 6 year old, 100 pound female. Goldie is doing great with one of our best fosters and oh, Goldie is also blind.

Our annual Silent Auction is now live. Bidding is 100% online and will culminate near the end of our April 27th event. The link to our silent auction site here.  If you have any questions about our silent auction or have any technical issues please contact us at

I f you have any questions about our Gentle Giants in the Park event and/or would like to volunteer please contact us at .  

Thank you,
GPRA President and Founder


This year's raffle is online.  Tickets can be purchased via text, online or by sending us a check or cash. There are no ticket booklets this year.  More information can be found on our website and tickets can be purchased here. If you have any questions please contact us at

Click  here to RSVP  and for more Picnic/Raffle Information

Gentle Giants in the Park
Saturday April 27, 2019
2:30 to 5:00
Pickneyville Park, Norcross, GA
Upcoming Adoption Days
May 4th            May 18th
Saturday 11 - 1