GPRMLS Uniform Purchase Agreement
Effective February 1, 2021
In the summer of 2019, the Great Plains Regional MLS (“GPRMLS”) Board of Directors formed a Uniform Purchase Agreement Task Force comprised of combination of Omaha and Lincoln REALTORS® to prepare a new GPRMLS Uniform Purchase Agreement that can be used in Omaha, Lincoln and other geographic regions within the GPRMLS service area. 
Recognizing that both Omaha and Lincoln have had their own forms in use for some time, the existing Omaha Area Board of REALTORS® (OABR) and REALTORS® Association of Lincoln (RAL) Purchase Agreements were compared and reviewed with the intention of taking the best practices from each. 
With the release of the GPRMLS Uniform Purchase Agreement to all GPRMLS Users, the existing OABR and RAL Purchase Agreements have been removed from circulation and replaced with the GPRMLS Uniform Purchase Agreement on all GPRMLS and association platforms. To assist with this transition, Real Estate Attorney, Mark LaPuzza, has prepared two memos covering what has changed for Participants and Subscribers who used either the former OABR or RAL Purchase Agreements.

For any questions regarding completing a purchase agreement or legal advice, please refer to your broker, manager, or legal counsel. Also available as a benefit of your Nebraska REALTORS® Association membership is the NRA Legal Hotline. Information on the Legal Hotline can be found by clicking here.

The creation of uniform GPRMLS addendums is currently being examined and will be taken back to the GRPMLS Uniform Purchase Agreement Task Force for further discussion. At this time, the existing OABR and RAL addendums will remain available for use.
In the links below you will find the finalized Uniform Purchase Agreement and two memos addressing the updates specific to the existing OABR and RAL Purchase Agreements. To access the documents, please use the following credentials:
Username: GPR        
*All characters for the username and password are capital.