Bring the Emergency COVID-19 Support Program to Your Community
Dear Ones,

Every life is precious.

  • Those of us sheltered in place.

  • Those of us on the frontlines, risking our lives as we serve and care for COVID infected patients.

  • Those who have lost their lives and the grieving families who love them.

  • Those of us who have lost our jobs and livelihoods.

  • Those of us who have always been impacted by racism, experiencing in a very real way, the disproportionate devastation and death in our own families and communities.

  • Those of us who are pregnant or bringing a new baby home who are without our most basic need - support.

As the COVID-19 pandemic increases in scope and devastation, many of us are feeling the weight of it in a new way. The need for extra support is just as important, if not more so, than in the first weeks. We may feel ok on the surface, but still hold feelings of fear, grief and anxiety inside. We need a place to be able to share what is heaviest on our hearts and allow our feelings to be expressed, heard and validated. Even grief, when expressed, becomes lighter to carry.

This is why we have launched the Emergency COVID-19 Support Program . Help us ensure that everyone who needs support is able to access a support group NOW. 

Become a GPS Facilitator 
  • Attend online GPS trainings to learn the evidence and trauma- informed GPS Group Model. Join our exceptional team of GPS facilitators who represent and serve the diversity of communities in which we live and whom we love. 

Become an Organizational Partner 
  • Bring GPS to your agency, organization or statewide programs to provide replicable, effective and culturally-co created online support groups for your community.

Become an Organizational Sponsor
  • Join us in mitigating this severe mental health crisis and addressing trauma during this time of pandemic crisis and beyond. Join us as a sponsor, partner or part of our outreach to those in need.

Join us in mitigating this severe mental health crisis and address trauma during this time of pandemic crisis and beyond. Join us as a sponsor, partner or part of our outreach to those in need.

With Love & Compassion,

Annette and Liz


The Emergency COVID-19 Support Program is available for free or reduced costs in Massachusetts thanks to the generous support of the MA PPD Fund, Perigee Foundation and other partner organizations. If you work with perinatal families contact us immediately to see if you qualify!

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Join the GPS Team

Learn how you can join the national team of GPS group leaders who are bringing support, healing and empowerment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Start Online Support Groups

All the basics and tips on how to lead successful online support groups.

Intro to GPS Support Group Model

An efficient, effective and impactful approach to address the social isolation and mental health consequences caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

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GPS is offering FREE online support groups every day for the next month so that people everywhere can connect and experience healing, relief and inspiration to take their next steps.
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“Even though I am different than anyone in this group, I feel like you are my family, like you really care. I can’t tell you how good that feels.”

“I took a huge risk coming to this online group. I felt so hopeless. But I am leaving hopeful and energized. Thank you so much.”
“I haven't seen my family since the birth of my daughter and I cry all the time. This group has given me a priceless gift of connection which I desperately need right now.”

“GPS always makes me see my challenges in a different way. I always leave knowing how strong and significant I am.”