Press Clips: June 22–July 5, 2019
Center for Commerce and Diplomacy
July 2, 2019, cited in UC San Diego News Center
Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies
June 17, 2019, authored by Savitri Arvey '19 for The Conversation
Tai Ming Cheung
June 25, 2019, quoted in University World News
Richard Feinberg
Rafael Fernández de Castro
June 28, 2019, authored opinion in El Financiero (Spanish) 

July 5, 2019, authored opinion in El Financiero (Spanish) 
Zoltan Hajnal
Uma Karmarkar
Gaurav Khanna
June 18, 2019, cited in Inside Higher Ed

June 22, 2019, cited in Online Athens
Kate Ricke
Weiyi Shi
June 15, 2019, authored for The Hill
Victor Shih
July 1, 2019, quoted in The New York Times
Susan Shirk
June 24, 2019, cited in New York Magazine
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June 25, 2019, quoted in Bloomberg

June 28, 2019, cited in ABC News Online
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