Dear Ones,

Our lives are being changed and challenged as never before. 

Many of us are quarantined in our homes; alone, raising children, caring for family members, trying to work from home, all at the same time. Many of us have lost our jobs in the past weeks, worried about how we will pay for basics like food and housing. Far too many of us are on the front-lines, caring for the sick and vulnerable, protecting our communities, cleaning the streets, driving trucks to bring basic goods to our stores while cashiers ring up our food. 

Many of us work in fields where we are care providers for the most vulnerable. We are called to our work because we care so deeply. It breaks our hearts to see those we care about suffering.

We can't sleep at night with worry. The reality is that:

  • This crisis is bringing up strong emotions. Anxiety, depression and fear, grief, loss, and hopelessness, anger, rage and confusion live in each one of us right now. 

  • Social isolation can bring up past hurts and traumas, reminding us, consciously or not, of times in our lives when we were alone, vulnerable and unprotected, when we felt abandoned, left behind or unsafe. 

  • We are worried about the health and life of our loved ones and of ourselves. Many of us are thinking about death in ways we have not before.

  • As a human family, we are facing the unknown. None of us know what to expect in the coming weeks or months. It’s surreal and scary. 

  • Our lives have been turned upside down and changed, some forever, in a matter of weeks.

What is also true:

  • It is not only normal, but totally expected and ok, to feel the whole spectrum of strong emotions when faced with a dangerous situation we have never experienced before.

  • We must have compassion, respect and non-judgement for ourselves. It may be messy, but we are doing the best that we can right now.

  • We are survivors. We are creative, resilient, intelligent, capable and courageous, even when we are scared. 

  • We can embrace this time with our whole hearts intact. Reaching out to give and receive love, hope and healing.

  • We can find moments of beauty and connection, even in the darkest times.

In times like these that are extraordinarily hard, what strengthens us is our connection with each other. We are so grateful for each of you and all you are doing in the world to care for yourselves, your families, your communities and our world.

With Love and Compassion, 

Annette and Liz


GPS is responding to this crisis by offering FREE online support groups and trainings nationwide. We are creating safe places of compassion and support where we can express our deepest feelings and be supported and heard. Please join us by clicking on links provided on the right.



Intro to Bringing Your Support Group Online
All the basics and tips on how to lead successful online support groups

Intro to GPS Support Group Model:
For vulnerable populations during Covid-19 pandemic
Learn about GPS support group model, an important mental health treatment that addresses social isolation, trauma and emotional complications

April 3, 2020
8:00a PT ~ 9:00a MT
10:00a CT ~ 11:00a ET


Mental Health &
Social Services
A support group for providers of mental health or social services to vulnerable populations 

March 31, 2020
9:30a PT ~ 10:30a MT
11:30a CT ~ 12:30p ET

Group Leaders
A support group for ALL support group leaders for any population

April 1, 2020
12:00p PT ~ 1:00p MT
2:00p CT ~ 3:00p ET

Front-Line Workers
A support group for anyone whose work outside of their home puts them at risk, and their family members

April 2, 2020
4:00p PT ~ 5:00p MT
6:00p CT ~ 7:00p ET

How can we use this time to deepen our connections with each other?

What creative ways can we tell people that we love them?

How can we use this time to give to ourselves in ways we could not before?