MAY 2021
Shortages of Homes in Los Angeles: Trends Creating the Latest Housing Market “Crisis” 
Following a national trend of low inventories and shortages of homes, Los Angeles and throughout California, the available homes for sale follow the trend with those same record low inventories.

The conversation of Home Buyers in multiple competitive offers for homes is repeated often. Many of today’s Sellers are profiting from home sales above current market values.
Are You Overpaying Property Taxes?
Between 30 percent and 60 percent of taxable real estate has an inflated assessment. Moreover, typically fewer than 5 percent of taxpayers dispute the assessed value of their real property.¹ Giving these statistics, there is a good chance that you are paying too much in property taxes.

Two Investment Opportunities in the Commercial Real Estate Market
There are currently two opposing trends in the commercial real estate market in the greater Los Angeles area that provide investment opportunities: vacancies in the office market continue to increase, but the demand for industrial, open-air storage is exceeding capacity. 
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