Commissioning a New Website for your Business? Beware of Copyright Trolls
Businesses will often hire a webmaster to create a new website and engage in SEO to improve its visibility. To add interest, photographs and video are added for viewer interest. Depending on the images and how rights are acquired, there are real risks...
Do You Need a New Will When
 You Come to the US?
Making a new Will is probably the last thing on the mind of someone investing in or moving to California from outside the United States. Taking a look at your Will can usually wait, but it is important to have it reviewed by a California lawyer. A Will drafted according to the laws of another country may have unintended consequences
when applied in the US.  
How to Develop a Content Cluster Strategy for A New Business or New to Los Angeles
Let's be honest, every article explaining content cluster strategy says the same thing. Focus on quality over keyword quantity - optimize and reorganize existing content - choose topics that demonstrate your expertise. These talking points are essential, but they are frustrating to new businesses or ones trying to grow. Each example always includes a website with a large content library. And it does not show how these success stories scaled their investment from nothing.  
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