April 23, 2015
 Teacher Needed in West Africa


Global Partners in Hope is incredibly blessed to have Dr. Brett and Sheri MacLean as staff members in Mali, West Africa. This dynamic medical professional duo (he is a Pediatrician, she is a Family Nurse Practitioner) work to increase the capacity and effectiveness of the GPiH Malian medical centers.

The MacLeans also have their four children with them, and they are currently looking for a teacher to facilitate the education of their three school-aged boys during the 2015-2016 school year. The boys will be in 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades. Are you interested in teaching these amazing kids?
Kenan, Silas, and Dawson MacLean


The MacLeans live in Segou, Mali. Their two-story home is fully equipped with modern amenities and technology, including a designated school classroom, and separate living space to accommodate a full-time teacher.

Having a full-time teacher in Mali is immensely valuable to the MacLeans and GPiH. A teacher frees up Sheri to be able to serve alongside Brett in the medical centers. As a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner, Sheri is uniquely equipped to provide valuable medical care.

An ideal applicant would have an education degree, a couple years of experience, a love for kids and travel, and a passion to teach multiple age groups.

If you have interest in this position, and an opportunity to gain an incredible cross cultural experience (or can think of someone who might be interested) please let us know!

For more specific details about the position, check out this GPiH blog post explaining the the position, as well as this personal appeal from Brett and Sheri.

Thanks for your consideration.

Ian Vickers
CEO, Global Partners in Hope
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