Highlights from our graduating classes, high school and more
This month we celebrate success in many forms

It's the end of the school year and we get to see all the hard work of the teachers, students and volunteers come together.   This year there were 4 very different graduations, each celebrating  the success of our students in different ways.

So please join us as we share the many successes of our students. And give yourself a pat on the back too, as without your support this would not be possible.  
Standard 6 Graduation
Without a doubt, this is the most anticipated graduation. We are very proud of the 41 students who graduated and the team of teachers who helped them. Especially as they did well at language arts and math. WELL DONE.

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High School Graduation
For the first time I went to the high school  graduation. I was very impressed with the number of "our" students on Honor Roll. And, for the first time ever, a Holy Cross student was VALEDICTORIAN! 
Click here for photos of 11 Holy Cross graduates .
Literacy Program Graduation

Our literacy program volunteers have worked faithfully with many students, 11 of whom graduated as proficient. This has been such a wonderful program alongside our regular class lessons.

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Preschool  Graduation

Without a doubt this graduation was the most fun to attend. The graduates looked amazing in their finest clothes and graduation caps and gowns, while the venue at the Lions Den made it easier to mix with the families, too.

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Three Teachers Graduate
While my focus has been on the students, many of our teachers have also been studying part time. We congratulate Mr. Aaron Thomas, Ms. Lisa Williams, and Mr. Cesar Nicholson for earning their Certificate in Primary Education. 

Thank you once again for celebrating our successes with us, and continuing to support this great school. Keep an eye out for our next newsletter, which will be jam packed with updates on our summer building and summer camps.  

And remember, if you ever hear someone say these wonderful words "I'm going to Belize" then PLEASE TELL THEM ABOUT US, and make sure they know we'd love for them to visit.

Have a wonderful day and hope to see you again sometime.

Lydia and the team at Holy Cross
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