Gold Rush Elementary School
December 13, 2019
Gold Rush students are currently using the scientific method to explore concepts in physical and earth science. After reading and researching, kindergarten students demonstrated what they learned about the sun. Students recorded their thinking in their science journals and on See Saw videos. Students wrote about their new learning and how their thinking changed. Many students were surprised, for example, to learn how hot the sun is. See a student sample to the right.
Second graders are currently writing like scientists and testing hypotheses. Students engaged in a variety of hands on experiments to learn about force and motion. They studied how the friction of a surface impacted how far a toy car traveled. Throughout the process students recorded their research question, stated their hypothesis, detailed their procedures and data and made final conclusions. See an excerpt from a student's writing to the left.

This week, second graders are working on applying their learning to new experiments. They are using what they know about force and motion to create lego catapults. After completing a catapult, students will see how they can improve their system and make their cotton ball move even farther. See an example on an intial build below.

Students are also applying the concepts of force and motion by creating toys that move. Students were highly motivated to create this desireable object!
Third graders are currently uncovering information about the earth by studying rocks. In addition to reading about and analyzing rock samples, students performed a Rock Concert and used music to demonstrate their learning. Students were also able to learn from geologists from the U.S. Geological Survey. Students learned how those in the field use rocks to uncover the history of the earth.
Students have the opportunity to develop strength and flexibility in physical education class. This special is also an opportunity to further teamwork and collaboration. This week younger students worked together to complete an obstacle course. They cheered each other on through balance and climbing activities. In the intermediate grades students were tasked with creating a unique cheer stance that incorporated multiple students. Students in all grade levels worked together to complete their challenges. Students had fun working together. We thank our Physical Education teacher, Mrs. Warner, for fostering cooperation and movement through hands on, physical opportunities. 
Teachers are celebrating students’ growth as they complete fall Elementary School Progress Reports (EPRs).    EPRs will be released to parents on Saturday, December 21nd, at 8:00 AM through Parent Portal.    Directions for accessing the report card are shown below.

* Go to the Gold Rush Website   gre.dcsdk12.or g.

* Select the Parent Resources Tab.

* Select Elementary Progress Report (EPR). 

* Use your Parent Portal credentials to log in.

* Then click "View Elementary Progress Report" under your child's picture.

Your child's report card includes grades for content and learner characteristics. The following rating system is used to determine your child's level of performance:

Indicates a high level of achievement. It indicates a student has a strong understanding of the content/concepts/skills taught and it implies a student can demonstrate understanding independently and with very few errors.

Indicates that a student demonstrates an understanding of content/concepts/skills most of the time and with limited support. Students who are meeting standards make few major errors or omissions when demonstrating a concept or skill.

Indicates that a student requires moderate support to demonstrate an understanding of concepts/skills. Students' ability to demonstrate their understanding of a concept or skill is inconsistent or infrequent, which indicates a partial understanding of the content, concept or skill. Students demonstrate more frequent errors or omissions.

Does Not Meet
Students who do not meet standards seldom demonstrate an understanding of concepts and skills taught. The student requires considerable support to demonstrate learning and makes frequent major errors when demonstrating his/her understanding.

You are able to view your child's information two ways - a highlight view and a comprehensive view. The highlight view includes a snapshot of how your child performed on core content standards (reading, writing and math) and how your child met school expectations of Going for the G.O.L.D. The highlights view also includes general classroom comments and some individual student comments.  

The comprehensive view includes information on all subject areas, including social studies, science and specials. The comprehensive view may also include additional content comments aligned to specific content standards. You are able to access both views by clicking on the links at the top right portion of your screen.  
Kindergarten students were practicing their listening comprehension by creating a fun, festive art piece. Students listened to their teachers' description of a reindeer and then drew it. They were attentive to the reindeer's parts as described by the teacher. We are proud of students' listening skills and their final pieces!
The Douglas County School District launched its School Capacity and Boundary Analysis survey on Monday, December 9. The survey will remain open through Friday, January 3. This survey will provide DCSD with critical community input on potential strategies to optimize school facility space in DCSD. See additional information below.
December 20: No School - Winter Break
December 21: Elementary Progress Reports Release Through Parent Portal
January 6: No School - Teacher Professional Development Day
January 16: GRE SAC Meeting. @ 4:00-5:00 PM
January 20: No School - Martin Luther King Jr.
January 31: Sock Hop @ 6:00-8:00 PM
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