Gold Rush Elementary School
January 17, 2020
Gold Rush students recognized Martin Luther King Jr.'s significant contributions to our society. Throughout the week students read poems and books about Dr. King. As students learned more information about him they determined what information was important and what was interesting. Students also reflected on new learning.

We ended the week by celebrating as a school community. Students sang songs about Dr. King and listened to an excerpt from his famous I Have A Dream speech. We were all moved by the power of songs and speech.
This week Gold Rush launched its Junior Recess Coach (JRC) program. The goal of the program is to create a fun, positive playground and provide opportunities for student leadership. Fifth grade junior recess coaches began teaching collaborative games to third graders during recess. Our coaches are also modeling basic conflict resolution strategies as they play. This program has already benefited our coaches and younger students. We are proud of the students' leadership and their desire to create a safe, enjoyable environment for all. We thank Mrs. Schwalick for facilitating this club.
Students in all grade levels are practicing the craft and structure unique to each genre. Students use mentor texts, or real authors’ work, to learn techniques to engage their readers. One of the most important tools students use to guide their work are their grade level checklists. These checklists remind students of the concepts and techniques modeled in short mini lessons. Students are also guided by the personal goals that they set with their teacher. Students’ current work clearly demonstrates their love of writing and an application of skills taught in the classroom. 
Students in all grade levels are writing feverishly in one of the following three genres: narrative, informational and opinion/persuasive. It is fun to see the focus and passion that all students are conveying through their pictures and words. Kindergartners are working on describing a small moment story. Second graders are teaching their readers about an activity, such as gymnastics, and informing them how concepts of force and motion apply. Intermediate students are currently working on drafting a thesis, identifying reasons to support their thinking and elaborating.
As always, safety is our number one priority. This requires patience and understanding each day as we welcome and dismiss almost 700 students. As we return from break please adhere to the following reminders:
* Only enter the parking lot through the entrance
* Have your child ready to exit your vehicle curbside
* Only use the car loop or designated parking spots for drop off (no bus loop)
* Wait in the car loop lane on Swift Fox if you are dropping off or parking
* Do not enter oncoming traffic lanes at any time
* Always use the crosswalk
Please know that the Parker Police will be monitoring drop off and pick up in the coming weeks.
January 20: No School - Martin Luther King Jr.
January 31: Sock Hop @ 6:00-8:00 PM
February 6: 1 & 2 Performance ( Additional Information )
February 13: 1 & 2 Performance ( Additional Information )
February 14: No School - Teacher Professional Development Day
February 17: No School - Presidents' Day
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