Gold Rush Elementary School
March 23, 2020
I hope you were able to enjoy the time with your family during spring break. I hope you were able to find calm and joy with your loved ones.

I know that parenting in the last few weeks has presented new challenges and opportunities. Limiting peer interactions and activities is often disappointing for young children. Children can also sense an adult’s stress, even if parents are making a concerted effort to hide their worries.  
Below are resources to continue to support your child through these unsettling days.
* P a rent resource for talking with children about COVID-19
* National Child Traumatic Stress Network Parent: Guide to Helping with COVID-19
* World Health Organization: Helping Children Cope with Stress
While these uncertain times do bring challenges, they also provide us with the opportunity to engage in family activities and traditions that children love. Playing board games, building forts, taking walks and reading are some of my family’s favorites. These basic activities are some of the most meaningful and important to our children. These activities also have hidden educational benefits. They are opportunities for students to explore patterns in nature, practice good reading habits and develop a love of reading. They are also opportunities for creativity and problem solving. Rest assured that engaging in play, exploring the outdoors and completing daily tasks promotes learning. 
Tomorrow Gold Rush will launch its first week of remote learning. Parents will receive an email from their child’s teacher with a daily literacy and math opportunity. They will also receive links to additional opportunities from the specials areas. These activities will be posted on teachers’ classroom blogs daily so you can refer to them over time. Please note that these activities are not meant to be stressors. If your child is struggling with a given activity please take a break, put it aside or move onto a new task.
In these uncertain times please know that you are a valued member of the Gold Rush community. We are all here to support your family during this time. I am confident that we will continue to work together to support our school family.
Students did an incredible job spreading kindness before spring break. Above are additional pictures from the week. In addition to being the “i in kind,” students completed kindness challenges, recorded kind acts on hearts that were posted on our school kindness tree and encouraged others via a chalk walk in the front of the building.
It is important to remember acts of kindness go a long way and can continue each and every day. Click here for a new kindness checklist that you can continue at home.
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