Gold Rush Elementary School
September 27, 2019
Our annual school fun run, fondly referred to as the Digger Dash, was a tremendous success! Students enjoyed a morning of fitness and fun. They proudly ran for new books for all students at all grade levels. We thank our PTO and parent volunteers for making this honored tradition possible! See pictures from the event. Just a reminder that all fundraising packets are due after fall break.

On Monday, September 30, students and staff will participate in the lockdown drill with District Security and the Parker Police. We inform students that if they were not in their classroom when a lockdown was announced they would run to the closest room. If they were in the bathroom, students are told to remain in a locked stall with their feet up. If they are outside they are directed to run away from the school and find a safe spot until a safe person finds them.

When we signal the drill we use a system that immediately informs both the Parker Police Department and the District Security Team. It also announces outside the building that we are in a lockdown. If you are to hear the announcement on Monday afternoon please know that this is a scheduled practice. 

The National Association of School Psychologists provide several tips for talking with children. Please see their top reminers below. You can c lick here for the full article.

1. Assure Children They Are Safe
2. Make Time to Talk 
3. Make Explanations Developmentally Appropriate
4. Review Safety Procedures
5. Observe Children's Emotional State
6. Limit Television Viewing
7. Maintain a Normal Routine
The following eight practices are involved in all mathematics learning:

Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them
Reason abstractly and quantitatively
Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others
Model with mathematics
Use appropriate tools strategically
Attend to precision
Look for and make sure of structure
Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning

Mathematical practices are routinely used when solving problems and applying math in the real world. You may refer to these practices when working on math at home with your child. In the example below you will see a more detailed explanation of the practice and thinking habits, or guiding questions, that you can use to push your child's thinking.  Click here for a more detailed description of each mathematical practice and its corresponding thinking habits.
Fall conferences will be held on Thursday, October 3rd, and Wednesday, October 9th. You can schedule your individual student conference starting Tuesday, September 24th. C lick here  for our online scheduler. The password is digger.   
October 2: Picture Retakes-Please inform your child he/she is retaking
October 3: Parent Teacher Conferences - K & 3rd Grade Field Trips
October 9: Parent Teacher Conferences - 4th Grade Field Trip
October 14-18: No School - Fall Break
October 30: Spooktacular @ Legend High School
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