Gold Rush Elementary School
December 7, 2018
The STEAM lab offers students in all grades the opportunity to build, explore and experiment with the the scientific method. Students are given a variety of challenges and they use Lego Robotics to problem solve. Students are charged with tasks such as the following:

* Create a recycling method that allows you to reduce waste.
* Create a structure that is resistant to earthquakes and extreme weather.
* Create a structure that prevents flooding and erosion.
* Create an organism that contributes to the life cycle of a plant.

After watching videos and reflecting on prior work, students work with partners to create prototypes and change variables to improve their structure. Students collaborate as they draft their initial hypothesis, experiment and revise their example. We are proud of students' deep thinking and creativity.
Students in grades K-5 are using the climbing wall for more than building muscle. In the intermediate grades students are problem solving and collaborating. This week students were working with a team to determine how to place a variety of objects on the wall, including balls, scarves and rings. Next week fifth graders will be challenged to cross the wall wearing glasses on that block their sight. Students will rely on their partners and their strong communication skills to get them from one end of the wall to the next.

Students in the primary grades are pointing to different letters and spelling high frequency words while on the wall. This activity reinforces early literacy skills taught in the classroom while challenging their balance. We thank our Physical Education teacher, Mrs. Warner, for designing comprehensive and creative activities that students love and learn from.
Teachers are celebrating students’ growth as they complete fall Elementary School Progress Reports (EPRs).   EPRs will be released to parents on Saturday, December 22nd, at 8:00 AM through Parent Portal.   

Your child's report card includes grades for content and learner characteristics. The following rating system is used to determine your child's level of performance:

Indicates a high level of achievement. It indicates a student has a strong understanding of the content/concepts/skills taught and it implies a student can demonstrate understanding independently and with very few errors.

Indicates that a student demonstrates an understanding of content/concepts/skills most of the time and with limited support. Students who are meeting standards make few major errors or omissions when demonstrating a concept or skill.

Indicates that a student requires moderate support to demonstrate an understanding of concepts/skills. Students' ability to demonstrate their understanding of a concept or skill is inconsistent or infrequent, which indicates a partial understanding of the content, concept or skill. Students demonstrate more frequent errors or omissions.

Does Not Meet
Students who do not meet standards seldom demonstrate an understanding of concepts and skills taught. The student requires considerable support to demonstrate learning and makes frequent major errors when demonstrating his/her understanding.

You are able to view your child's information two ways - a highlight view and a comprehensive view. The highlight view includes a snapshot of how your child performed on core content standards (reading, writing and math) and how your child met school expectations of Going for the G.O.L.D. The highlights view also includes general classroom comments and some individual student comments.  

The comprehensive view includes information on all subject areas, including social studies, science and specials. The comprehensive view may also include additional content comments aligned to specific content standards. You are able to access both views by clicking on the links at the top right portion of your screen.  
Nominations Due January 11, 2019
Gold Rush will welcome future Gold Rush families on Wednesday, December 12, from 5:00-7:00 PM. This is an opportunity for the parents of incoming kindergartners to complete registration paperwork, learn more about our programming and tour our school. This event is for parents only. We look forward to welcoming students in the spring with their own special evening.

To complete the paperwork you will need copies of the following:

* Birth Certificate
* Immunizations
* Proof of Residency
  • Warranty Deed
  • Deed of Trust
  • Tax Notice
  • Assessor Page
  • Notarized Proof of Residency form

We look forward to meeting our new families next week!
All schools in Douglas County have adopted the Raptor System to manage parent and volunteer check in. The Raptor System allows our front office staff to scan all parents' and visitors' drivers licenses. This is an additional safety measure for all students. The District will be providing parents with additional information early next week. Moving forward please plan on bringing your license into the building. The office staff will scan your license and provide you with a visitor's badge. As always, we appreciate your cooperation.


* December 12 - Kindergarten Round Up @ 5:00-7:00 PM
* December 21 - Classroom Winter Parties - See Classroom Communication
* December 21-January 6 - No School - Winter Break
* December 22 - Elementary Progress Reports Released @ 8:00 AM

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