Gold Rush Elementary School
February 1, 2019
Our S.T.E.A.M. lab provides all students with an opportunity to apply science, engineering and math concepts in an engaging and hands on way. In the area of science, students utilize the scientific method as they create and code tools and objects that address real world problems.

Currently students are using robots Dash and Dot to apply several math concepts including measurement and geometry. In the younger grades students are creating two dimensional shapes and programming Dash and Dot to travel the perimeter of these shapes. In third grade students are finding the area and perimeter of regular and irregular shapes. Fourth and fifth graders are exploring the concept of perimeter in greater depth. They are asked to make shapes of a wide range of perimeters and to classify their shape. An example of this is as follows:

Select one Perimeter from the following: 120, 160, 200, 240, 280, 320, 360

Construct a rhombus with this perimeter that is NOT a square. Record your drawing below. Be sure to include labels for side lengths.

Students in the intermediate grades are then analyzing the characteristics of the shapes they create and explicitly stating the differences between shapes. After creating and analyzing several different shapes, students are submitting a proposal for a hypothetical playground for a school. They are including their reasoning for a specific dimension based on what they learned.

Students in all grade levels appreciate the opportunity to apply math, writing and critical thinking in a fun, hands on manner. We thank Mrs. Fleet and Mrs. Bell for providing this opportunity!

It is hard to believe that we are over half way through with the school year! Time does fly when you are having fun and learning. Our primary students celebrated our 100th day of school Friday with a variety of activities. Kindergarten students got creative and made pictures that included 100 objects. This was an opportunity for our youngest students to count to one hundred. Other activities included making patterned bracelets that showed different multiples that add to 100 and reading 100 books. Students enjoyed representing, composing and decomposing the number 100 in several hands on ways.
Research shows that students need opportunities to talk in both reading and writing. Lucy Calkins states that "one of the most powerful ways to teach children to think is to teach them to engage in thoughtful discussions, especially discussions that incorporate thinking...around texts" (Calkins', 2018).

At Gold Rush we embed authentic opportunities for students to collaborate and communicate in reading and writing workshop. This week students in the primary grades provided feedback on writing pieces and shared strategies they used to determine unknown words while reading. Reflecting and coaching are routine practices with reading and writing partners.

In fourth grade students completed a collaborative research project on severe weather. While students were responsible for their own reading, they generated their own topics and subtopics, compared and contrasted different types of severe weather and taught others about their particular type of severe weather. Students enjoy the opportunity to talk and learn with their partners.
We are excited that our annual kindness week is approaching on February 11. This is a great opportunity for students to demonstrate character and leadership in our school and the larger community. This year our student council will be facilitating the following three events: Cram the Cruiser through the Parker Police Department, a class change challenge for Legend High School's Wish Week and daily school spirit days.

We are excited to collaborate with our local police department to collect food for the Parker Task force. We are hoping to collect enough food to fill an entire cruiser. We know from our existing partnership with the Task Force that the need within our community is great. Please see the flyer below for most needed items.

We are also supporting Legend High School's Wish Week as we have done in the past. We will collect change to help support a 15 year old Douglas County student suffering from pancreatic cancer. Over the course of the week, classrooms will compete in a change challenge. Students can bring in coins to help make a difference in this student's life.

We appreciate your help in supporting those in need in our community!

* February 1 - Sock Hop @ 6:00-8:00 PM
* February 7 - 1st & 2nd Grade Performances

* February 11-14 - Kindness Week & Legend High School Wish Week
* February 12 - PTO Meeting @ 8:40 AM
* February 14 - Valentine's Day Parties - See Classroom Communication
* February 15 - No School - Teacher Professional Development Day
* February 18 - No School - Presidents' Day

* February 21 - 1st & 2nd Grade Performance & SAC Meeting @ 4:30-5:30 PM

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