Gold Rush Elementary School
February 15, 2019
Students loved ending the week with Valentine's Day! They were incredibly creative with their Valentine's boxes as you can see in the picture above. Students enjoyed their special treats, cards and activities. We thank our parents for their donations and help with classroom parties.

Kindness week was a tremendous success! Our student council organized the following three activities for the week: a Change Challenge for Legend High School's Wish Week, a Cram the Cruiser Food Drive for the Parker Task Force and school spirit days.

I am proud to say that Gold Rush raised $5,867 for Wish Week recipients through t-shirt sales and a classroom change challenge. Our student council officers attended the High School's assembly Thursday and presented our donation. We were also able to cram an entire police cruiser with food for those in need. I am so proud of our students', staffs' and families' generosity and spirit! See pictures from the week below.
Change Challenge for Legend High School's Wish Week
Cram the Cruiser Food Drive for the Parker Task Force
School Spirit Week
Fourth grade students are preparing for their field trip to Young Ameritown. Young Ameritown is a community that students fully operate for a day. All students assume a job, such as a policeman, store clerk or accountant. Prior to the field trip, students prepare to perform the duties associated with their position. Students learn the different roles and responsibilities individuals assume in a community and how different positions work together. Students also learn how earn money, balance a budget and prioritize spending needs. In addition, they learn how to serve and contribute to a larger community.

This week students held elections for the role of judge and mayor. Those interested in these positions gave persuasive speeches to their classmates. Students highlighted their positive character traits, such as their ability to handle outside activities and school work, their ability to listen and their drive to help others. Candidates' desire to lead and confidence in presenting was commendable. I am proud of all students as they work to make Young Ameritown the best it can be.
Our student buddy program partners older students with a younger buddy. After pairing students, the primary and intermediate classrooms work together on a variety of activities. These experiences give our older students the opportunity to lead and serve as mentors. They also motivate our younger students.

This week fifth grade buddies taught their younger students about the power of a growth mindset. They explained how a growth mindset differs from a fixed mindset. They cited research showing how the brain stretches and grows, especially when mistakes are made. Fifth graders shared their personal goals and the action steps they are taking to accomplish them. I am proud to see our older students encourage their buddies to take risks, embrace mistakes and be open and positive to new opportunities and challenges. C lick here to view one student's presentation.

* February 15 - No School - Teacher Professional Development Day
* February 18 - No School - Presidents' Day
* February 21 - SAC Meeting @ 4:30-5:30 PM & 1st & 2nd Grade Performance
* March 7 & 14 - Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences

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