Gold Rush Elementary School
May 3, 2019
Gold Rush believes that students need to experience science concepts. An inquiry approach allows students to discover concepts through hands on exploration. This approach is evident in first grade students' current life science unit. Students are observing the life cycles of plants and animals. They are observing how plants grow and discussing the conditions that are most ideal.

Students are also observing the life cycles of beetles and butterflies. First grade classrooms were buzzing this week as some of the mealworms transformed into beetles. Students were busy observing and drawing the different characteristics they noticed. They have also been documenting the caterpillar's stages and cannot wait to release their grown butterflies soon. Students' enthusiasm and excitement has been fun to watch!
Kindergarten students are currently applying what they have learned about force and motion during Inventor's Time. Students are focused on repurposing household objects to make marble movers. While their initial plans were done individually, students worked in small groups to create their final prototype. Students ability to synthesize their ideas, work collaboratively and demonstrate collaboration was incredible. We look forward to seeing what else they create during this time!
Students in all grade levels learn how to research topics that are of interest to them in informational literacy units. Third graders are currently working in research clubs and learning more about different animals. In their initial reading and writing mini lessons students learned how to identify resources that were at the appropriate level for them. Then then learned how to organize their information into different topics and subtopics. This week students were digging deeper and adding details to their subtopics. We look forward to reading their final pieces next week.
Members of Rotary International recognized Gold Rush's Young Rotarians' club for being the first sponsored elementary service learning club in the world! After receiving a plaque and Rotary pins, students reflected on what they learned this year. Students were proud of their efforts to extend our school's No Waste Food Program to other schools in the Parker area. They were also proud of their public speaking and appreciative of the new friends they made. We look forward to hosting this club next year!

* May 6-10 - Teacher Appreciation Week
* May 6 - District Strategic Plan Meeting @ 6:30 - Cimarron Middle School
* May 9 - SAC Meeting @ 4:30-5:30 PM - Gold Mine Room
* May 9 - Incoming Kindergarten Round Up @ 6:00-7:00 PM
* May 10 - Kindergarten Egg Drop @ 9:30 AM & 12:30 PM

* May 13 - Muffins for Moms @ 8:00-8:15 AM - Front Blacktop
* May 17-May 19 - Gold Ticket Theater Presents Mary Poppins

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