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2022 Year in Review
HAWK Milestones
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Happy New Year!
2022 Year in Review
Happy 2023! Everyone at GREYHAWK hopes you had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday season. As we look forward to a collaborative and productive year ahead, we look back at some of the milestones of 2022, captured in the infographic below. We returned to the office post-pandemic, restructured as an ESOP, and named Ronald C. Kerins, Jr., President. We gained new assignments and employees and attended conferences and professional development activities. Thank you to those individuals who participated in our Perception Survey. The results presented us with interesting and valuable feedback as well as opportunities for continuous improvement. We always welcome additional feedback.
2022 Year in Review
2022 Milestones
Six members of Team GREYHAWK celebrated milestone anniversaries in 2022. We recognize all of our staff members' HAWKiversaries on social media and thank them for their service and dedication to our company, clients, and projects. Click to read the biographies of these long-time members of the team.
Charles F. Boland
25 years in August
Ross Caldwell
20 years in May
Charles J. Caramanna
20 years in June
Charles Rehman
20 years in July
Robert J. Dinan
20 years in December
Ronald C. Kerins, Jr.
15 years in February
HAWKs Out and About

We hope to see you during attendance or share our experiences after one of these upcoming events.

Caribe Hilton | San Juan, Puerto Rico
HAWKs Fritz Marth and John Ramos are attending.

Harrahs Hotel & Conference Center | Atlantic City, NJ
HAWKs Robert Dinan and Jeffery Riggs are attending.

JW Marriott Grande Lakes | Orlando, FL
HAWKs Charlie Boland and John Ramos are attending.
Consider This
For 2023, GREYHAWK is rolling out a new concept to be shared on our social media platforms. We’ll pose questions and share issues we’re considering for our company and industry. We invite you to follow along and give us your feedback on social media or by emailing us individually. To kick off this series, President Ronald C. Kerins, Jr., shares his thoughts on disruption.

Consider This . . . Disruption

By Ronald C. Kerins, Jr.

Often seen as a negative, disruption can be defined as “the action of preventing something, especially a system, process, or event, from continuing as usual or as expected.” At GREYHAWK, we view recent construction industry disruption as both radical and innovative, with disruptors changing the landscape of design and construction. In fact, we think the construction industry has needed some shaking up of the ‘usual or as expected’ results for some time. No industry has been as historically stagnant as ours. In the past five years, we have experienced a significant increase in technology implementation in the design and construction process, with acceleration fostered by ongoing attrition of the construction trades workforce and the loss of baby boomers from the industry. When coupled with the ‘brain drain’ of fewer individuals pursuing architecture and engineering fields, we are left with no option but to shift the dynamic and introduce more technological options to manage the process. We in the industry must learn to be more adaptive and resilient. Our educational institutions must alter the delivery of how designers and construction professionals are trained.

What do you think? How have you experienced disruption in your firm or industry? How can we in construction manage the unexpected more efficiency or effectively? How can we teach students to be resilient and agile in their future careers?

Email us at to share your thoughts.
Come grow with us!

GREYHAWK continues to experience substantial growth in all three of our business units across multiple industries. We are a progressive construction services company that serves our clients as trusted advisors. We have recently transitioned to an employee stock ownership program (ESOP), which allow employees to share in our collective success.

Open positions include:
  • Construction and Project Managers
  • Construction Claims Consultants and Managers 
  • Commissioning Managers and Agents
  • Assistant Project Mangers
Each qualified candidate should possess a degree in engineering, architecture, construction management, or building science. Credentials such as PE, AIA, CCM, or PMP are preferred but not required. Submit your qualifications to or visit for more information.
GREYHAWK, an award-winning construction management and consulting firm, is a leading provider of program/construction management, construction claims and dispute resolution, scheduling, cost management, and commissioning services. GREYHAWK provides services to facility owners and stakeholders involved in major private and public construction projects. Offices are located in New Jersey, New York, and Florida. For more information, visit