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Member Newsletter - March
GROAZ Events
Next Meeting
Wednesday, March 8, 7p

GROAZ/TORCA Shuttle Day March 11
We will be cohosting a shuttle day at SoMo with TORCA. Deadline for registering is March 4. We will have Colin, Matt, and Kim shuttling trucks and TORCA is bringing Homegrown to shuttle. You must be a GROAZ member in good standing and RSVPd to participate. TORCA has a slightly different setup. Click here for more info.

Annual BCT Campout April 8-9
Reservation cutoff is April 1.  Click here to RSVP. Moses is reserving the campground. We will be camping at our usual spot at Bumble Bee Ranch. On Saturday we'll shuttle to Mayer and ride back to camp. There will be an optional ride to the pie place for those who want extra credit at the end.

We may have more people so the request has been made that people should setup camp and then park their cars by the office to alleviate the parking congestion that will happen. Let's act like adults (not drunken adults), stay classy, and make sure this is a PG-13 rated event. As usual, we will provide the dinner cookout Saturday night and breakfast goodies on Sunday morning.

Movie Night April 13
Movie TBD, even will be at Boulders on Broadway. Jenny Herbold will be giving another talk on staying healthy while mountain biking. We are looking for members to reach out to vendors or others for donated raffle items for movie night.

Labor Day Angel Fire September 1-4
We are already on this and booking condos together this year. The condos will be booked by the next GROAZ meeting thanks to Colin and Moses. More information to come but expect to RSVP with a deposit by August 1 to hold your spot. GROAZ will be providing meals for three of the nights.
Trailwork Schedule & Reports
Dust those gloves and shovels off!

Upcoming workdays at South Mountain:

The trail we'll work on for April 1 is undecided. If you have a suggestions let Matt know.  RSVP to Matt. 

Thanks to a generous member donation from Tom we will be holding a raffle at each SoMo workday. The winners will receive a $25 gift card to Rage Cycles.

McDowell Mountain Trailwork Day
We have been asked by the MBAA to build 3 berms on the competitive track for the Cactus Cup Races March 10-12. The berms are built and we will hang some signage on course and will have brochures on the registration/information table. We will also have a booth at the event on Sunday, March 12, during the Super D race.  RSVP to Kenny  if you are gonna help out.
Subcommitte Reports
City of Phoenix
National Trail Trek Workday was a success. We worked on Natty near where it crosses San Juan then manned an aid station for the Trekkers. Got great feedback from the Trekkers and many recognized us from past years.

McDowell Mountain Park
We built 3 berms on the competitive track for the MBAA races Mach 10-12. We'll have signage hung and postcards on the registration table for the event. On Sunday for the Super D race we'll have a booth manned so come on down and enjoy the races.
Continuing Business
Trail Signage
Matt has been outta town so he and Kim have not gotten a proposal ready for the permanent signage we want to erect on our popular downhill trails. Details will be hammered soon so we can throw the proposal to the City of Phoenix.

Bell Box Program

Colin and Moses are working on a proposal. Hopefully, we'll see a draft at the next GROAZ meeting.

Swaggy Business
GROAZ swag!
We have shirts in stock!
  • Yellow, short sleeve tech tee, white/green ink
  • Tan, short sleeve tech tee, white/brown ink
  • Black, short sleeve tech tee, white/brown ink
  • Black, short sleeve tech tee, white/green ink
  • Green, short sleeve tech tee, chainring logo
Shirt for members are $25 for the new chainring logo style, $30 for non-members, and $20 for the black, yellow, and tan shirts, $25 for non-members. FREE delivery if you come to the monthly meetings!

GROAZ logo decals are available in three sizes. We also have a decal of the new logo with the chainring, AZ flag and GROAZ chain links. $10 gets you one of each decal.

Long sleeve jerseys will be a prepaid, custom order. Colin will select 3 to 4 jersey types and colors and we'll put up a facebook page for ordering.

Shop shirts by Club Ride are still on the table. They will be $75ish and will be preorder only just like the long sleeve jerseys. Matt will have sample photos and we'll create a facebook order page for them.
Some ideas were thrown around but the best ideas is still getting the membership plugin for renewals working.

Mike is having some postcards printed that will be here for the MBAA race at McDowell Mountain. Also for the race he's working on some banners to post near the course and berms we are building. He's also working on a trifold brochure that will eventually take the place of the postcards.

Jeff Q is jumping in to help on the website updates. If there is anything you need or want on there let him know. And check the event page out as we get it online and working.
GROAZ Event Reports
Goat Camp was yet another success!
Everyone on both rides had a great time. As usual, there's a little difficulty keeping track of everyone. Dean suggested investing in some radios so the leader and sweeper can communicate. Moses also mentioned the possibility that we may want to have riders sign a waiver absolving GROAZ of any liability of injury on the ride.

Our GROAZ events only continue to get better so please check our schedule for upcoming rides!
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