Because All Our Hearts Are Golden...
Dear Golden Friends:
Over the last few months, we all have been touched by the coast-to-coast natural disasters affecting humans and animals. We are in awe of the rescue teams from shelters working 24/"8" to rescue animals and get them reunited with their families or even preparing animals to go their into their first forever homes!

In honor of these groups, GRSRS&EC is spending our marketing time this fall to share helpful information to help their initiatives, which means  we are moving the date for our online "Thanks-for-Giving" auction to February. We understand that our caring and loving friends (LIKE YOU) most likely have already donated to these groups and we want you to keep giving to other nonprofits in need during this challenging time. 

We also had many requests from supporters for more time to get their items together... and boy... It's going to be an awesome auction! We are touched by some of the golden-great items coming together...  (More information in yellow block below this message) .

What's important now:

Our friends at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue in California are in our hearts as their team endures challenges from the wild fires that have devastated the state. The emergency generator that YOU helped provide to them is now more important than ever!

We have been in touch with them and other groups and here is information they want to share to our members. If you can, please help support these groups and share this information with your friends and family... especially pet owners in California. 

How to Help Animals Affected by Northern California Wildfires

An organized effort by Bay Area animal shelters, pet stores and animal-lovers is attempting to support pets and farm animals that have been displaced by the Northern California wildfires. Several shelters are offering free supplies and emergency boarding at no cost, and they say they need as much help as they can get.

Two Facebook resource groups, Napa/Sonoma Fires Animal Evacuations
and Solano County Horse/Livestock Fire Evacuation Help Page, have become resource hubs for donation information, volunteer recruitment and pet-owner reunification.

Napa/Santa Rosa Lost/Found Pet Info

This group is shifting focus towards being a resource for lost/found pets, while still offering animal-related info from the fire areas. 


Sonoma County Fires
Lost & Found Animals
The place to find and report missing animals for the Sonoma County Fires in Sonoma County, CA

Donation and Volunteer Opportunities: (We added links!)
North Bay:
East Bay:
San Francisco:
South Bay:
Also, visit our friends at  Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue in CA!

Thank you for sharing and supporting these groups. Together we call help our golden friends and families! 

Golden Retriever Senior Rescue Sanctuary and Educational Center, Inc.

Please share your Golden Oldies Gazette with your friends and if they are interested in receiving our Golden Oldies Gazette, email Joan at

"For the Love of Goldens" Online Mega Auction
February 9th - February 14th!

We've moved the date of our online auction to run from February 9th thru February 14th and will be themed "For the Love of Goldens" online mega auction! During this time you can show your love by bidding on items to help support the Senior Goldens! Perfect timing for Mother's Day and Father's Day Gifts, Graduation Gifts, Birthdays and every occasion when a gift would be appropriate.

We're excited about some of the donations we have received... like this beach paradise vacation in Kiawah, SC near historic Charleston! 

PLUS,  one of our great restaurants in Boston donated to the auction a Dinner for Two at the Top of the Hub! 

If you'd like to donate here are some ideas: Quilts...home-made or bought, throws of all kinds, wreaths (holiday or seasonal),decorative pillows, faux sheepskin items, spring bulb collection gift certificates, gift certificates for china or crystal, Sweaters for men, women, children and pets, unique leather items, pottery, gift certificates for dog/cat beds, jewelry of all kinds that feature gem stones or dogs/cats/horses, birds, horses, gift certificates for horse blankets, bird feeders, bird houses, decorated mailboxes, show leads for dogs of all sizes, knitted baby clothes, dolls, gift certificates for larger toys, use your imagination. 

Please ship your items to arrive by December 15th.

If you are interested in donating, items can be shipped to:
Golden Retriever Senior Rescue Sanctuary and Educational Center, Inc.
PO Box 484
North Reading, MA 01864

Thank You to All Our Anonymous and Caring Donors!

The GRSRS&EC Program is run by volunteers. We are truly an all-volunteer organization. We do pay for a yearly professional audit and the submission of appropriate state and federal forms by the accountant, Constant Contact services, office and printing supplies, postage and skilled computer services. ALL other tasks that make up the GRSRS&EC Program are provided at no cost to the program. No stipends and No salaries. Your donations except for the program's professional needs listed above go directly to provide for Golden Oldies in need by providing the funding needed by the Sanctuaries we support.

Thank you all for helping us to provide the money and tools for our supported Sanctuaries so they can provide optimum direct care for Golden Oldies from coast to coast.

The Donor Gift Recipient for the third quarter is Cindy Besaw. The closing for the next Donor Gift Recipient Program is December 31st 2017.

The Wagatha's Organic Biscuits 20 pound Treat Packages for September were supported by the monthly donations of Karen M and Cynthia B.

Sky's Helpful Hints!
(Sky Puglia is pictured right) 
Make a Porta Potty for your Dog who needs to have a protected place to void and defecate due to age, illness or accidents...Put a child's hard plastic pool in your garage or porch. The size depends on the size of your dog. Put in some sod and to make it easier for your dog to use this potty, especially seniors cut a doorway partway around the pool-line the edges with tape so they won't be sharp and then you have an indoor potty to protect both you and your dog during rain, ice, snow, mobility issues or illness. Also helpful for middle of the night emergency potty breaks.

Throw out the sod and replace it when it becomes soiled. Pick up stools as you would outside and dispose of them. If you do not have access to sod, especially during the winter- shavings and treated pellets will work well too, just a little bit more work to keep them in the pool. Put a washable rug at the entrance to the pool and brush off the dogs feathering when they get out to prevent tracking the shavings etc. into the house.

If your dog hesitates to "go" in this new environment you might try putting in a pee pad or other "incentive" product commercially available to encourage the use of the pool as a viable " Porta Potty" for your dog.

"Thanks for reading my tips! If you have one or want us to answer your golden questinos, email mom at j GO PATRIOTS! (Or whoever you root for this football season!)" - Sky Puglia
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