Grub Prevention Is Coming
Starting June 15th grubs will be stopped before they even get started.

It is that time of year again and grubs are on our mind... so they don't have to be on yours!

At this point in the summer months we get ahead of the grubs before they can think about ruining your lawn.

Most of us are familiar with the large white grubs that devour the roots of our lawns. Grubs develop throughout the year and at this stage of their life cycle they are in the egg state about to emerge into their first larval stage. By late summer/early fall, they would be fully developed and ready to EAT!

For the past decade, we have been working with chemistry that disrupts the life cycle of the grubs and stops their development. This application works as a growth inhibitor and does not allow them to grow out of the egg stage, which means they won't start snacking on your lawn when fall begins to roll around. This has been REVOLUTIONARY in the success of our lawn programs.

Prior to the ability to prevent these insects, we would begin watching for them in September. The symptoms start as dry, dehydrated looking grass. This was always the first clue. September is typically a very wet month and dry turf is unusual. Now that we have been able to utilize this amazing chemistry, we are able to watch your grass stay healthy in September instead of grubs eating it up.

Make sure to water this prevention in within 24 hours!
Nitrogen use has been discontinued until October 1st. Give us a call if you have any questions or concerns.
Thanks to all our Veterans and First Responders!
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