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July 26

Our Friday nights will be heating up with our Rumba group class, starting July 26th. Learn to own the dance floor with the sensual rumba walks. This slow romantic tempo will leave you wanting more!

See you out on the dance floor!

Student of the Month


Ballroom Dancer for 6 years

Why do you dance?

"I enjoy the athletic, emotional, and spiritual components of the art. I get such great exercise."

Why do you think people should dance?

"It's a beautiful art. As I mentioned, there are many levels to dancing, including physical and spiritual. In today's world we lack focus, dance helps with that by stimulating the brain. Everyone should dance in my opinion."

Y Quickstep
June 25th

Join us on the dance floor Quickstep!
The quickstep is a light-hearted  dance  of the standard  ballroom dances . The movement of the dance is fast and powerfully flowing and sprinkled with  syncopations . Quickstep was developed in the 1920s in  New York City  and was first danced by Caribbean and African dancers. Its origins are in combination of slow  foxtrot  combined with the  Charleston , a dance which was one of the precursors to what today is called  swing dancing .
Don't miss your chance to join us out on the dance floor!
Starting This Summer

What group classes will you join?

July 20th

July 26th


Cha Cha
August 3rd

Notes from Shorena

You Need Confidence

Ballroom dancers know that it takes courage to get out on the dance floor, but it takes true confidence in your training to perform as a ballroom dancer. How do you build your confidence? Practice! Building up your strength and technique is key for you to feel confident out on the dance floor. Even if you miss a step or two, your confidence in recovering will have you shining like a star. The confidence that you build with dance will carry over to your personal life as you will see how much you can accomplish through disciplined practice.

Let's build your confidence out on the dance floor!

Children's Class

Art of Dance

Swing by our art gallery and enjoy the works of our talented little dancers. They have creatively harnessed the joy of dance and reflected it onto a canvas.
Don't forget to vote for your favorite piece.


Tuesday @ 8pm

July 2 - Quickstep #2
July 9 - Quickstep #3
July 16 - Quickstep #4
July 23 - Quickstep # 5
July 30 - Quickstep #6

Friday @ 7pm

July 5 - Cha Cha #8
July 12 - Cha Cha #9
July 19 - Cha Cha#10
July 26 - Rumba #1

Saturday @ 5:00pm

July 6 - Jive/Swing #7
July 13 - Jive/Swing #8
July 20 - Jive/Swing #9
July 27 - Jive/Swing #10

Saturday @ 6:15pm

July 6 - Foxtrot #9
July 13 - Foxtrot #10
July 20 - Waltz #1
July 27 - Waltz #2

Children's Classes
Fall Semester
August 24 - Saturday @ 2pm