May 2018 Newsletter
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The 2018/2019 Coaching Slate is now posted on our website.

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We are pleased to announce that our annual service agreement with Northshore Youth Soccer Association (NYSA) has been renewed. 

Greater Seattle Surf will continue to be the sole premier soccer club chartered by Washington Youth Soccer to represent the South Snohomish County and Northshore Youth Soccer associations at the highest level of club play in Washington, the    Regional Club League . We look forward to working with our associations to provide opportunities for kids of all ages and skill levels to play the beautiful sport.

Prior to your tryout, please come meet your coaches, find out more about the unique, new programs we are implementing this season, and ask questions.

Click the links below for your group's event info:
Technical Advisor Darren Sawatzky j oins us this June at the first annual Leadership Conference, where he will begin his work with our coaches and directors on the new coaching platform to be introduced this season. 

Our new age-group coordinators will also help launch this style of play as it is adopted by all of our coaches and teams. Age-group coordinators can be found at the bottom of the coaching slate.

Adopting a club-wide coaching methodology, coupled with even more programs to be announced, means that we are making a committment to deliver the same "premier" experience to all teams, at all levels, making it easier for players to move between teams.

Although US Soccer is pleased to see the new, proven leadership in the club, they are disappointed that our B05 Development Academy (DA) team did not complete their commitment through the end of the current season. As a result, US Soccer did not renew our DA program for the upcoming year, but they are already committed to working with us to bring DA back in 2019-20 for B08, B07, & B06.  

As a club, we are already poised to provide the best player development program and competition opportunities for for ALL of our teams moving  forward . Our Coaching Directors and Technical Advisors have the resources and the support they need to move all of our coaches, players, and our program to the next level.

Congratulations to our teams on their WA State Cup successes so far:
B08B- Quarterfinalists
B08C- Quarterfinalists
G05A- Quarterfinalists
B05B- Quarterfinalists
B04A- Quarterfinalists
B04B- Quarterfinalists
G04B- Quarterfinalists
B08A- Semifinalists
G08A- Semifinalists
B09B- Semifinalists

And best wishes to all of our teams working toward State Cup Champs this weekend:
G03C- Quarters 
B06B- Semis
B05A- Semis
G06B- Semis
G04A- Semis

May 4-6- State Cup semifinals and finals for 04/05/06
May 9-10- Tryouts for 04/05/06
May 11-13- State Cup semifinals and finals for G00/01/02/03
May 14- Parent Info Night for G00/01/02/03 & B00/01/02/03
May 16-17- Tryouts for G00/01/02/03
May 17- BOD Meeting, 5:30pm @ Surf Office

Team Formation Meetings
Uniform Fittings and Orders 
Jun 2- GSS Leadership Conference
Jun 21- BOD Meeting, 5:30pm @Surf Office

Jul 19-  BOD Meeting, 5:30pm @Surf Office

Aug 16- BOD Meeting, 5:30pm @Surf Office