January 21, 2020 | Bulletin #20-01
Guideline Updates for GSFA Down Payment Assistance Programs
Effective for GSFA Platinum Transactions Only
Effective immediately, a Maximum DTI of 50% is allowed for borrowers with a minimum FICO of 680. This change applies to FHA as well as Conventional Loans underwritten though LPA.

Effective for GSFA Platinum and GSFA OpenDoors Transactions
The GSFA Affordable Subsidy promotion will be ending on February 7, 2020. All reservations which include the GSFA Affordable Subsidy must be reserved through the Online Reservation System or lock through GEMS by close 4:00 PM PST, February 7, 2020.

Effective February 10, 2020, there will also be separate pricing for Conventional Loans based on Borrower’s Income:

Borrowers ≤ 80% AMI (Area Median Income):
  • Will have separate, more attractive pricing and DPA options; and
  • Remain eligible for the Charter Level Coverage MI of the Freddie Mac HFA Advantage product.

Borrowers > 80% AMI:
  • Will have separate pricing and DPA options;
  • Must apply standard coverage MI; and
  • No income limits.

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Program Bulletins are intended for mortgage professionals only. This is not an offer for extension of credit nor a commitment to lend and is subject to change without notice. Complete program guidelines, loan applications, interest rates and annual percentage rates (APRs) are available through GSFA Participating Lenders.

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