Issue 56 | May, 2020
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There's lots of information about Covid-19 for people--wear a mask, wash your hands, practice social distancing... But what about your dog? Click here for a website that has some helpful information for you and your canine pal..
Rescue Happy Endings!
From Rescue Dog to AKC Champion!

Kevlar almost lost his life twice! His new mom was determined to make the most of the time she had with him...

How Rescue Persists During a Pandemic

The world has changed dramatically this year but dogs still need homes! With social distancing regulations, the way we do adoptions had to change. So how do we carry out home visits and adoptions during a pandemic?

We love to hear about happy GSRNC adoptions!
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See Rescue through the eyes of our volunteers.

This month we hear about the impact dogs have on our lives.

Karen Oliver of Bring Rover Over in Martinez shares some dog training tips that can help build the bond with your dog.

This month she introduces us to an easy trick you can teach your dog!

Stay calm and have fun with your dog!

Here's a fun childhood memory from GSRNC volunteer Lani C.!

We lived in an apartment in Rhode Island when I was about 6 years old. Back then we only had one car which my father drove to work. The grocery store was about 2 blocks away. We used to take a path through the woods to get to it. My mother got the ingenious idea to hitch our GSD to a big cardboard box and load the groceries in the box so the dog could haul the groceries home. Worked like a charm until Baron saw a cat just as we got to our building and took off after it. Groceries went flying everywhere! Thinking back on it, I realize there was no leash. We never had Baron on a leash. People didn't at that time.  

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