Issue 57 | July, 2020
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Rescue Happy Endings!
Rescued and Now Rescuing Others!

Gala suffers from an immune system disease and was abandoned at a marina as a pup. She's beaten the odds of survival and now shares her sweet personality by bringing happiness to others.

Healthy Dog to Almost Dead

Scout was adopted from GSRNC last fall. He was a happy, healthy dog but suddenly was near death. How could this happen?

We love to hear about happy GSRNC adoptions!
If you love your dog and want to share his or her story, please send it along to: .
Virtual gatherings are all the rage this year and Wags to Riches is no exception!

For the safety of our guests,we've opted to make Wags 2020 a virtual event. Our fabulous silent auction will be online and open to registered guests in the weeks leading up to Wags. Our live auction and Grand Raffle drawing will be part of our Virtual Event on October 3, 2020.

During these trying times we count on your donations more than ever. Participating in Wags is a way to donate and have fun at the same time! General Admission is only $25 and event sponsorships start as low as $50! Please join us!


The GSRNC Grand Raffle is here! It's a great chance to win some fabulous prizes and also support rescue.

Tickets are $20 and you get one free when you buy five!

Prizes include a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (or a cash out option), a $2,500 Amazon gift card, or a Monterey getaway! Click the image for a short video about the prizes.

Karen Oliver of Bring Rover Over in Martinez shares some dog training tips that can help build the bond with your dog.

This month she introduces us to an easy trick you can teach your dog!


See Rescue through the eyes of our volunteers.

Planning an event during a pandemic... What could go wrong?!

Stay calm and have fun with your dog!

Here's a fun childhood memory from GSRNC supporter Patrizia!

I think I started loving German Shepherds when I was 3. 

I grew up in Rome, Italy and my grandmother lived in Bordighera, a tiny town at the edge of the French border. A beautiful place for the very rich but we just stayed with grandma in her little apartment and enjoyed the beach for the summer months. Back then children were to be seen and not heard, it was pretty lonely.

Samson, her blonde GS, was my friend, so huge and kind and always under the kitchen table. He guarded my grandma who was losing her eyesight and never left his post but I could crawl under the table and cuddle with him anytime. He would clean me up for a bit, rearrange my hair and then we would sleep together or just be there enjoying each other’s company. I could hear his strong heart and his breathing would lull me to sleep.

I’ll never forget my giant friend, he took care of me when no one else would even notice my presence and I miss him to this day. I now have two best girlfriends. I find the same kind, loving eyes in all my rescued German Shepherds and I am grateful to GSNCR for being such an incredibly caring place.

Thank you for all you do…

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