December 2016

2017 Stream Water Monitoring Agenda

By Sandra LaVigne, Director of Water Quality

Beginning in 2017, as part of GSWA's new expanded mission and role as the Passaic River Waterkeeper Alliance Affiliate, we will begin to monitor sites downstream of Millington Gorge, the traditional end-point for sampling in our watershed. While we will still continue to closely monitor all of the streams within our Great Swamp Watershed (maintaining two monitoring sites on each of our five streams above the gorge as well as our Millington Gorge site), we have selected four additional sites between the gorge and Chatham Borough, to increase our understanding of the water quality in Passaic River.

Our new sites have been strategically chosen... (find out where are new sites are, and why we're monitoring for arsenic by continuing the article here)
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NJ Drought Conditions Worsen
While desperately needed, the nearly three inches of rain that fell in the Great Swamp Watershed during the end of November were not enough to reverse drought conditions. With some reservoirs nearing only 50% of capacity, it is more essential than ever that we are conscious of our water usage. View the chart below for a more detailed overview of the situation. 

Did you know? 

All About Frogs
By GSWA Volunteer, Jim Northrop 
One of the most common sights in the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is seeing a frog sunning on a log or searching for food.  "Frog" is the name given to a large family of adult tailless amphibians that have smooth skin and webbed hind feet. Frogs are not unique to the Great Swamp.  They inhabit moist places, near freshwater, all over the world...  (Click here to learn more about frogs)
Around the Watershed 
Saving The Great Swamp Movie Premiere

The new documentary film, Saving the Great Swamp: Battle to Defeat the Jetport was premiered at Mayo Performing Arts Center on Saturday, December 3. This exclusive showing sold out, with over 1,000 people in attendance. 

The film was an inspiring reminder that grassroots efforts can have a huge and lasting impact. Congratulations to Phyllis and Larry Fast, and Scott Morris for such a tremendous success!

You can read more about the film here.
GSWA on the News!
GSWA was recently featured on Verizon Fios Push Pause! You can watch the video, which covered our Columbus Day Hike in October, here.

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Breakfast Briefing: Annual Water Quality Report Card, 12/13

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Winter Nature Detectives Hike, 1/8

10AM-12:00PM. Spy on secret hideouts used by birds, wintering insects, and other woodland creatures. Unmask the dining preferences of deer, raccoons, and even coyotes by putting the magnifying glass to some scat. All this detective work is easier than you think, plus its fun being outdoors in the winter! Recommended for all, but especially children 5 to 12 years old. Registration Required.

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Breakfast Briefing: Environmentally Sound Cleaning Products, 1/08

8:00AM-9:30AM. White vinegar, baking soda, lemon, not the ingredients in a salad dressing, but the basis of many environmentally safe cleaning products! Learn more about what ingredients in daily personal and household cleaning products you need to be wary of, how not all environmental labeled products are created equally and why you should be concerned.   Registration Required.

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