March 2019
"You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of a
difference you want to make." 

-Jane Goodall
Got Salt?
by Rebecca Schuman, GSWA Intern, Drew University 

It's winter, and with every new wave of ice and snow comes another white-out condition: a gritty buildup of road salt trapped to the surface of your car. Apart from the aesthetic damage road salt may cause to vehicles (chipped paint is no joke), the salt is also known to prompt more serious driving troubles. 
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What Do You Mean?
by Val Thorpe, GSWA Director of Communications & Membership
Sometimes when we work closely on a project or with a group of people, we get caught up in the language of our industry, forgetting that others may not be so hip to our lingo. I'm pretty sure we are guilty of that on occasion at GSWA. We're sorry! Please allow us to elaborate.   (continue reading)

Meet our Newest Board of Trustee Members! 
"We are pleased to welcome these outstanding leaders, each of whom brings with them a deep commitment to the environment. Their unique experiences and insights will undoubtedly help advance our mission of protecting and improving the water resources of the Passaic River region, from the Great Swamp headwaters to Newark Bay, for present and future generations."      -Sally Rubin, GSWA Executive Director

Reed Auerbach
Kate Barry
Jordan Glatt
Eric Inglis
Dorothea (Dot) Stillinger
Who Would Go Out In THIS Weather?
by Val Thorpe, GSWA Director of Communications & Membership

          Pup meet & greet pre-hike
It turns out, with the proper motivation people will  leave the comfort of their warm, dry home... even in February. And they did. Our first-ever Pub Quiz (think Jeopardy) was an afternoon of laughter, brain power, some friendly competition, and prizes. This event will definitely happen again so be on the lookout! The Westminster Dog Show has nothing on the 13 adorable pups who brought their humans to our hike at the CMA.   ( check out more pics & continue reading )
Rolling Knolls Landfill Updates on Our Website
Rolling Knolls Landfill is a 200-acre site located in the Green Village section of Chatham Township. It was used as an unlined landfill from the 1930s through 1968, and is contaminated with a wide variety of assorted hazardous waste. Now on the Environmental Protection Agency National Priorities List (aka Superfund) for cleanup, there's a long road ahead. To keep the public informed about this ongoing project we have added a page to our website. The Rolling Knolls Landfill page can be found at on our website under "Take Action" or by clicking here.

Our own Sally Rubin is serving as chairperson of the Community Advisory Group (CAG) which was put in place to facilitate public participation in the Superfund process. Check back often for updates.   
Great Swamp Great Music Festival!

or call 973-538-3500

In This Issue
Upcoming Events
Vernal Pool Hike
Fri, 3/29, 7-9 PM
83 Tiger Lily Ln., Morristown, NJ

With temperatures rising, the forest floor will be hopping with new life as frogs and other amphibians crowd into shallow puddles of water to breed and lay their eggs. These puddles, aka vernal pools, provide a perfect opportunity to learn more about Mother Nature here in NJ. Fun for kids and adults alike.
Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

What are you really spraying on your counter-tops and floors? Learn to make your own effective, eco-friendly cleaning products from simple ingredients. Leave with recipes.
2 dates and locations:

Thu, 4/4, 6:30-8:30 PM at Summit Free Public Library, 75 Maple St., Summit NJ

Sun, 5/5, 2-4 PM at Livingston Library
10 Robert H Harp Dr., Livingston
Stream Assessment Training
Sat, 4/6, 10 AM-2 PM
Florham Park Library
107 Ridgedale Ave., Florham Park, NJ

Learn how to monitor a stream, or simply gain a better understanding about stream health. An indoor classroom session teaches you to conduct visual and biological assessments. An outdoor session lets you practice your new-found skills. By afternoon, you will be a fully trained visual-stream assessment volunteer!
Breakfast Briefing
Getting Rid of Non-recyclables
Tue, 4/9, 8-9:30 AM
GSWA Headquarters
568 Tempe Wick Rd., Morristown, NJ

Can I throw my old computer in the trash? What do I do with my leftover medications? Is shredded paper recyclable? Let us help get your home in tip-top shape while keeping Mother Nature happy. 
Evening Briefing
Eco-friendly Lawn & Garden
Mon, 4/15, 6:30-8 PM
Livingston Library
10 Robert H Harp Dr., Livingston, NJ

What does gardening for the environment entail?Get tips on how to use native plants to attract beneficial wildlife into your backyard, reduce water use, and minimize gardening pollutants. Learn the value that wildlife brings, and what you can plant to support local bird, bee, and butterfly populations. 
Watchung Reservation Hike
Fri, 4/26, 6-8 PM
Watchung Reservation
452 New Providence Rd, Mountainside, NJ

Want to try something a little different? Join us on an adventure through the reservation as we hike along scenic gorges and trails that follow the Blue Brook, and explore a deserted village. We may even stop at Lake Surprise! (It's a surprise.)
Great Swamp documentary "Saving The Great Swamp: Battle to Defeat the Jetport" now available on iTunes, Amazon Prime and Google Play

Saving The Great Swamp: Battle to Defeat the Jetport is familiar to many GSWA members who attended the 2016 premiere or viewed the film on PBS last year. Narrated by Blythe Danner, the award-winning 64-minute documentary chronicles the historic struggle to preserve the Great Swamp between 1959 and 1968. For those who missed it or would like to own a copy, the film is now available to purchase or rent online. Find direct links to the 3 online stores here.

A Tip for Watershed-Friendly Living

Clean up after your pet. Contrary to popular belief, dog poop is not fertilizer. Animal waste can contain harmful bacteria, viruses and other nutrients that can pollute waterways. In 1991, the Environmental Protection Agency labeled dog waste a nonpoint source pollutant, placing it in the same category as herbicides and insecticides; oil, grease and toxic chemicals; and acid drainage from abandoned mines.

Scoop the waste directly into a trash bag and toss it out with the garbage. 

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