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RICHMOND HILL ON - August 16, 2020 - The GTA AM Tour is excited and proud to announce a partnership with Swing Lab Performance and Therapy. Swing Lab Performance and Therapy provides golf-specific biomechanical assessment along with targeted physiotherapy remedies.
"The Tour is very much looking forward to working with Michele Liew and sharing her expertise with Tour players. Michele will be providing Tour players with a special offer on all initial golf biomechanical assessments." said Mark Young, Canadian Golf Tours Inc. President.

"My goal is to help Tour members understand the relationship between functional movements, injury prevention and performance enhancement. I want to help players improve how they move to prevent any injuries while enjoying the sport they love. I am looking forward to working with the Tour and Tour players." notes Michelle Liew, Biomechanics & Injury Specialist.
The Tour takes great pride in helping players improve their game through skill development. Tour sponsor Golf Tech aims to help golfers play better golf and help players develop techniques suited for their game. LPS Athletic offers golfers and athletes alike, the opportunity to dominate their sport through fitness. Swing Lab uses a scientific approach in providing the most efficient way of utilizing your body to help you play more, play better and most importantly keeping you healthy when you play.
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About Swing Lab Performance and Therapy:
Michele Liew is a former competitive golfer and has continued to pursue her studies in sports medicine by studying the relationship between functional movements, injury prevention and performance enhancement in golfers. Through her interest in golf biomechanics, she started Swing Lab Performance & Therapy to help golfers improve how they move to prevent any injuries or to rehabilitate from an injury to enjoy the sport they love. Moving well is key and can help make the golf swing a lot more efficient and easier on the body.

Michele is a Certified Athletic Therapist and holds a Masters in Sports Medicine from University of Florida where she completed her residency in Sports Biomechanics with a research interest in 3D Golf Biomechanics. Michele is TPI Level 3 Medical Certified and practices out of Vaughan.

To contact Michele, please feel free to email her at swinglabperformance@gmail.com or on Facebook & Instagram @michelexyn_liew & @swinglabto.

Michele Liew, MS, CAT(C), ATC
Biomechanics & Injury Specialist
Certified Athletic Therapist
TPI Medical Level 3 Certified
Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) Practitioner

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