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Thanks to those of you who competed at the LPS Challenge at Devil's Pulpit.  As Mark mentioned on the first tee, all competitors will receive (1) complimentary Structural Balance & BioSignature Assessment.  I'll explain more below, but first, I'd love to share with you a tour player's experience with us:
"When I first heard about LPS I was skeptical - I've never done any weight training, gaining all my exercise by playing multiple sports: Golf, tennis, hockey, basketball, and cross country skiing. But I'm 55 now, and I could tell my body was starting to break down.  I had pain in my knees and would wake up aching. So much so that descending a staircase could be difficult at times. I wondered to myself if this is just how it is when you get older. It turns out I was dead wrong!
I've been going to LPS since February, and I've never felt better. Clance and his team provide the right level of motivation without making you feel pressured, and if you put in the time you get the results:  No more aches and pains, stairs are a breeze. I'm stronger, have much better flexibility and it's paying off in every sport I play. Longer off the tee, more agile on the tennis courts, better endurance in hockey.
I would highly recommend LPS to anyone who wants to keep the edge on your fellow competitors." - Gord Koyama, GTA AM Tour Player, B-Flight (Now A).
Structural Balance and BioSignature Assessment:

We are offering to players who competed at the LPS Challenge (Devil's Pulpit), and who are competing at the LPS Open (Cedar Brae) a complimentary ($250 value) assessment.  In this assessment (~1 hour), you'll be going through a series of movements & exercises, and a 14-point caliper test which you'll get insights on:
  • The weaknesses & strengths of your body
  • Why it may be affecting your golf game
  • How to address the issues on your own
  • What your lean mass and body fat ratio is
  • Where you are storing unwanted fat and how you can get rid of it.
To book your complimentary assessment, just e-mail tour sponsor Jeremy ( jeremy@lpsathletic.com) to schedule.  Currently registered Tour players not competing in either the LPS Challenge (Devil's Pulpit) or LPS Open (Cedar Brae) will receive a complimentary assessment if they are one of the first 5 players to inquire with me.
Jeremy Choi

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