Hi :

We hope this email finds you well enjoying yourself on Tour this season. 
As you know, we are EXTREMELY fortunate to have the opportunity to play some of the best golf courses in Ontario/Canada. These host clubs have decorum and conduct policies we all must adhere to while attending a GTA AM Tour Tournament. 
As a reminder to all players, appropriate golf attire must be worn, (by players and their caddies/spectators,) at all times. Shirts MUST be tucked in, shorts/pants should not have any rips and hats MUST be worn forward. It is imperative that, as guests of these host clubs, all GTA AM Tour Players adhere to dress code and etiquette guidelines.
Out of respect for our hosts, the dress code policy will be strictly enforced by the host club and GTA AM Tour staff. Also, players not following these policies will not have their pictures included in the post-event photo albums.
We look forward to hosting you ON TOUR in the VERY near future..! 😊
In good health,