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Blu Joose Creative and the GTA AM Tour are proud to introduce the GTA AM Tour Personalized Pictures Season Pass!
GTA AM Tour Season Pass is a brand new service brought to you by our photographer Cory and his company Blu Joose Creative. This pass provides players with a copy of every photo taken throughout the season. These pictures will not have watermarks (Tour or Blu Joose logo) and will be in full resolution and uncompressed format.
For a one-time payment of $165 (via e-transfer or cash), players will receive a large-sized digital copy of every photo taken of them on Tour after every event. These photos are perfect for printing or posting to social media.
Photos are also available for a per-picture price of $20.
If you are interested in signing up for GTA AM Tour Season Pass, please email Cory directly at coryhaslam@gmail.com for further details.